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In 2018, Virgil Abloh posted a picture of herself on Instagram shortly after her debut collection as Louis Vuitton’s menswear artistic director. <오즈의 마법사> It was a photo of himself standing on a rainbow-colored runway prepared for reference. In the post, these captions were written along with the photos. “You can do it too… ”

That single word connotes the defining spirit of a man named Virgil Abloh, who passed away at the age of 41 after a long battle with cancer. He was basically a person who wanted to build a space where people around him could exist, and he was a designer who drew strength from black culture but wanted to give hope to black creators in the fashion industry where black people are so often ignored and excluded.

Off-White™, Fall/Winter 2019.

In the hours after Virgil Abloh’s death was announced, Instagram was flooded with stories of Abloh’s personality as experienced by people across fashion, art and music. He has always been polite, courageous, and cooperative, and has been loved by most of the most respected personalities in the luxury industry. At the same time, he was a delight to share his personal thoughts with aspiring designers seeking help.

In that way, he became a beacon for designers of all generations. This is because many designers have discovered the possibility of rewriting the established rules of the fashion industry through him. Representatives of such influences include Samuel Ross, Salehe Bembry, and former business partners Heron Preston and Matthew Williams.

Virgil Abloh, Defining 'Haip' for All Generations, Off White, Louis Vuitton, Pyrex Vision, Vin Trill, Heron Preston, Matthew Williams, Samuel Roth, HypbeastLouis Vuitton, Fall/Winter 2020.

Off-White was founded in 2012 based on ideas he had explored in his past projects such as the Bean Trill and Pyrex Vision, and has written an extremely rare success story. In less than a decade, Off White has become one of the world’s most consistently successful and best-selling contemporary luxury brands. Most of the shops have consistently climbed to the top of the best-selling brands, which has the power to overshadow established heritage brands.

It may have been forgotten by the brand’s status as a giant now, but when Off-White first appeared on the market, it was met with skepticism and ridicule. Even when people form long queues on the street to purchase products for each drop, buyers and editors dismissed its value as ‘just another hoodie brand’. However, luxury brands, who were initially reluctant to work with him, soon became eager for exclusive collaboration when the commercial effect became evident.

Virgil Abloh, Defining 'Haip' for All Generations, Off White, Louis Vuitton, Pyrex Vision, Vin Trill, Heron Preston, Matthew Williams, Samuel Roth, HypbeastPYREX VISION, Spring/Summer 2013.

Among those working in the fashion industry, the saying ‘Virgil Abloh can sell anything’ is widely known. And he’s been testing and proving it throughout his career, creating collaborative products ranging from alarm clocks to luxury cars. Inspired by the work of an advertising agency in the 1960s, the original ‘four-pointed arrow’-shaped off-white original logo is instantly recognizable to young consumers, as powerful as Chanel’s Interlocking C and Louis Vuitton’s LV monograms. has become a symbol

Virgil Abloh did not hesitate to use designers and artists he admired, such as Martin Margiela, Raf Simmons, and Rem Koolhaas as references, or to reinterpret their work. Although his ‘cherry picking’ work method of picking only point parts was sometimes disappointing to the designers involved, he has honestly expressed his belief in recreating and recombining the things he loves. In fact, the ‘quote sign’ itself has become a symbol that appears repeatedly in his works that praise and illuminate culture with affection.

Above all, Virgil Abloh was a ‘connector’. He connected the term ‘streetwear’, which he hated, with luxury fashion, connected the younger generation with the early hiipbeasts, and connected black creators with the industry they wanted to enter.

He was a symbol of more than one person, Virgil Abloh, or the work he made. Because it has forever changed the industry in which you belong.


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