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Virgin Galactic Branson lifts off two richest people in space journey to fly higher than Bezos

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The two richest people in the world, Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos, will both embark on a space journey in July. Branson will take the lead in setting sail on July 11, and Bezos will also take the lead. Then set off in 9 days later. Billionaires have gone to space successively. The outside world is even more concerned about the two space journeys. Among them, Branson’s journey time is longer, and Bezos will fly higher. In fact, the two people’s ” “Space Vehicle” is also very different.

Branson (third from right), the founder of Virgin Galactic, will lift off on July 11 (AP) with 5 others

Branson: Take off with a space plane

Branson is the founder of Virgin Galactic. He will take off with 5 other people in New Mexico on July 11th. Unlike Bezos, his “car” It is a space plane, he will sit in the “SpaceShipTwo” (SpaceShipTwo), and the mothership “White Knight Two” (White Knight Two) will take them to high altitude. When landing, “Spaceship Two” will glide and land on the runway like a traditional airplane.

▼Watch the big difference between the two richest people’s “space vehicles”▼

Longer journey time

The US financial news website MarketWatch reported that Branson’s journey time was longer. The space journey from the space plane to the mothership and launching the rocket motor lasted 14 to 17 minutes, and the entire mission lasted 90 minutes. As for Bezos’ space journey, it takes about 11 minutes from departure to landing.

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▼Different routes of the two billionaires’ space journey▼

Bezos used a rocket to fly higher

As the founder of Blue Origin (Blue Origin), Bezos, his “car” is a rocket. He will set off with other passengers and sit in the space capsule, powered by the “New Shepard” rocket (New Shepard) Send them to space, and then the space capsule will be separated from the rocket at high altitude, enter space, feel the weightless state for about 3 minutes, and finally the space capsule will land by parachute.

▼Watch the shape of the “space capsule” used by Bezos, with huge windows for easy viewing▼

The Bezos team will fly at a higher altitude and fly over the “Kármán line” (Kármán line), which is about 100 kilometers from sea level. This line is considered to be the boundary between outer space and the Earth’s atmosphere. In July 2018, the altitude of the Blue Origin test flight was 119 kilometers from sea level.

According to reports, this altitude is expected to be higher than Branson’s space journey. Among the altitudes of Virgin Galactic’s past three test flights, the highest point is 89.9 kilometers from sea level.

The picture shows on May 9, 2019, Bezos, the founder of Blue Origin, attended an event in Washington, and announced the company’s lunar lander rocket “Blue Moon.” (Reuters)


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