Virginia governor says I'm not going anywhere & # 39; State democrats in a political disaster

RICHMOND, Va. – Juvenile Democratic Government. Ralph Northam resigned to scandal who had a root root, but the pediatric neurologist of Sunday said he "does not go anywhere" because of the state "someone needs to cure".

Northam commented on Face the Nation CBS, saying that it was a difficult week since a racist photograph was taken in its 1984 medical school year at a surface, showing a person wearing a blackframe near the second person wearing a Ku Klux hood and dress Klan. Northam first said that he was featured in the photograph – although he was not saying what clothes he was spending – and an apology. The next day, however, he refused to be in the photo, acknowledging that he had had a blackframe for a dance party in the same year.

"Someone must cure Virginia. No one is better than doing a doctor," said Northam. "Virginia also requires someone who is strong, who has compassion, courage and moral compassion. And that's why I'm not going anywhere."

Northam's political shock as both of the largest democrats in the state are facing their scandals that may result in careers, and allegations of sexual assault against Lt.-Gov. Justin Fairfax – successor of Northam as the governor had resigned – and Attorney General Mark Herring acknowledged he had a toy in a party in 1980. The herring would be a regulator to succeed both Northam and Fairfax.

In this photo file taken on October 19, 2017, Democratic statutory candidate Ralph Northam speaks during a campaign rally in Richmond, Virginia.


The scandals are now a full-time democratic crisis for Dean of Democracy. While the party took a small approach to non-tolerance of misconduct among its members in this #MeToo era, the cost of household in Virginia could be costly: if every three of Democrats, Republican State House Speaker, Kirk Cox, became a ruler.

The scandals could also surrender the democracies of the Democrats to control the General Assembly. All of the statutory seats will take place in November and Democrats were very optimistic that the voter's negative impact towards President Donald Trump would adhere to the status of Virginia as the status of blue. Now they have many of their crises in leadership, not only will they protect the chances of winning GOP seats, but also some of the democrats that are currently present by the Democrats.

Two women allow Fairfax to be sexually assaulted, and evidenced by those who are called a violent hearing against him. The governor ruler issued a statement on Saturday again and pointed out that he always dealt with anyone and was clear that he did not intend to lay down a stage immediately. Instead, he urged authorities to investigate the allegations against him.

Herring has been apologized for his appearance in the surface – an entry he had made after he started to start rumors at the Capitol – but he did not realize he would get rid of his spouse, even though he called Northam to go ahead.

There are some wounds in Virginia, and especially in the field of equity

Sunday asked for his opinion on his subsidiaries, Northam said in the CBS interview that it is up to Fairfax and Herring to determine whether they want to stay in the office. He said he supports the call of Fairfax to investigate the allegations of sexual assault. As of Herring, he said "just like me, he has grown."

Patrick Hope, Democrat Patrick Patrick, said he wants to submit events submissions against Fairfax on Monday, but Hope is not a powerful figure in the House and there is little sign but many applications are for people aim to end this year's legislative session by the end of the month.

If a hearing occurred, a solicitor asked for both women who prosecuted Fairfax – Meredith Watson and Vanessa Tyson – saying they would be happy to give evidence. Associated Press victims usually do not nominate the sexual assault but the two women are going on voluntarily.

Watson tells Fairfax that while she was a student at the University of Dice in 2000, her solicitor stated in a statement. Tyson, college professor of California, lets Fairfax take her oral sex at the Boston hotel in 2004.

Refusing the allegations, Fairfax asked authorities, including the FBI, to complete a full investigation.

Virginia Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax (L) on the Seanad floor at Capitol State Virginia, February 8, 2019 in Richmond, Virginia.

Drew Angerer / /

The Associated Press

It was not clear on the basis that the FBI would investigate. The agency has jurisdiction over federal crimes, but sexual assault allegations are considered traditionally as the ones facing Fairfax as state offenses handled by local police and prosecutors.

One way the FBI could be involved if Fairfax was making sure that it was a victim in the absence – it is a criminal – but that claim was not successful.

"In fact, we would like to have any entity with a comprehensive investigative power to look at these reasons thoroughly," said spokesman Fairfax, Lauren Burke. "Basic facts must be verified under these allegations. It feels that something more is going on here."

Northam's Commitment Sunday has been working to cure the racial abduction of the state than the second he has done so much. In his first interview since the scandal was introduced, the government government told The Washington Post on Saturday that the uprising has been pushed to tackle the global and challenging states of the state over a race, as well with its own independence. But he said that the reflection is certain that he can work to solve them.

"It's clear from what happened this week that we have a lot of work to do," said the Executive Mansion, "said Northam in the interview. "There are some wounds in Virginia, and especially in the field of equity."

Also, on Saturday, Northam was his first official official appearance since he denied that he was in the photograph, serving the funeral for a heavy state of death killed. But he made no public comments.

The lieutenant did not show any public Saturday and released his statement late, after Cox, the Republican House speaker, and the Democratic party of Ireland who went to the treatment of other calls to resign Fairfax.

The Juvenile Democratic Congress delegation is divided.

If Fairfax was leaving, it is not clear who could substitute himself as a vice governor. Northam could try to appoint Democracy, although Republicans could have a legal challenge with Senator Steve Newman, the Senate, to be a voting senator and temporary referee.

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