Virginia sees many populations and great reductions of Local News

RICHMOND – Until this decade, Virginia has grown and reduced – in the population.

Seventy of the cities and counties in the 133 state population received from April 1, 2010, and July 1, 2018, according to the data released last week at the Weldon Cooper Center for the Public Service at the University of Virginia. The population of County Loudoun extends 30 per cent, to more than 406,000.

However, the number of 63 places decreased – mostly rural areas in the southern and western areas of the state – population reduction. The population of County Buchanan, in the Appalachian Mountains in charge of West Virginia and Kentucky, fell by more than 10 percent, to 21,600 smaller residents.

Overall, the population of the Islands increased by 6.5 per cent from the 2010 Census, running 8.5 million residents last year, according to the Weldon Cooper Center, generating the state's official estimates.

However, the annual population growth of the state is the lowest ten years since the 1920s, the center said. Over the last five years, the population of the common population has grown slower than the nation as a whole.

Hamilton Lombard, demographically said to prepare the annual estimates, is that Virginia's population growth is largely relocated due to "in-house migration" – more people moving from Virginia or into the state.

"Over the past five years, 80,000 people moved more than residents from other states," said Lombard. "There were many families in their young families, which helped to compensate for the reduction of public school enrollment of Friday the first time since 1984."

The center's estimates show that the population of North Dublin has increased by 13 per cent since 2018. Of the 10 largest growing areas in Virginia, eight are part of the metro area of ​​Washington, D.C. In addition to County Loudoun, they include Falls Church, Fredericksburg, Arlington, Manassas Park, Stafford County, Prince William County and Alexandria.

The other places in the top 10 New Kent Kent, between Richmond and Williamsburg, have grown 22 percent – the second in County Loudoun; and Charlottesville, who grew 13.5 percent.

On the other hand, every county that bordered North Carolina, Tennessee and Kentucky lost the ten-year population. In addition to Buchanan County, the population decreased by 9 per cent in Dickenson County and 7 per cent in the counties of Wise, Tazewell, Alleghany and Surry and the Emporia and Galax cities. More than 3,000 residents of Tazewell and Wise counties lost.

Augie Wallmeyer, author of the book "The Extremes of Virginia," caused the decline in population in southern Australia with many overlap conditions.

The worst cause is financial unrest, Wallmeyer said. With the decline of coal, textile and agricultural industries, it is struggling to the south of Virginia to provide jobs and economic opportunities, especially for young people. As a result, they move out of the state or to the northern parts of Virginia to find and settle work.

Wallmeyer said that people who would cause drug problems in the southern part of the state, lack of higher education and lack of high quality healthcare.

"The state knows these problems a lot of time and is trying to implement programs to provide better opportunities, especially for young people," he said.

One attempt is moving Amazon investing $ 2.5 billion in the North of Ireland and opening a headquarters in the area. With this initiative, the state will help community colleges to provide technical and trade training so that workers can qualify for jobs in the most modern economy today, Wallmeyer said.

"A significant part of this package deal is a significant commitment by the state to significantly increase training on computer engineering people," he said. "That's going to help all of Virginia not only in the North West."

Wallmeyer said it is optimistic that these initiatives can revitalize the economy and stabilize the population in rural areas.

"It will not happen today tonight or tomorrow, but the seeds have been," he said.

The School of Media and Culture, Richard T. Robertson, has students at the Western Commonwealth University at the News Capital Service.


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