Virginia woman crochets hundreds of blankets for church ministry Virginia

Virginia woman crochets hundreds of blankets for church ministry Virginia

Epilepsy, Katie Phillips' seizures come without warning.

Though the episodes are not as good as the convulsions. In the instant, face face challenge to blank. For a minute of her ability to control her own muscles.

Phillips, 65, said. T No, make no sense. You just have to wait.

Challenge for several decades, but in recent years. T In 2015, she collapsed and suffered a “mini-stroke,” a lengthy hospital stay. It was the first time and a doctor officially diagnosed with epileptic.

Lesson Hospitals, shese a seizure driving.

Left for deeply shaken.

She tried for her challenge. Home in Campbell County. T She recalled spending hours alone.

“I thought my world came to the end,” Phillips said. “I couldn't do anything for longer. I could no longer help anybody. I thought there was no purpose in my life.

Partially sad Before her collapse in 2015 she was born on a hard time.

Geraldo Alonso, Phillips' pastor at Lynchburg Seventh-day Adventist.

Phillips, a devout Christian, who are inspired by Scripture. In Genesis, God creates rainbows as a reminder of the earth.

“He said,” she said. Person and outlook in life. ”

Now, Phillips. T She estimates she crocheted more than 500 blankets over this region.

Her own recovery. The crocheting has been part of the church. The ministry t

Sam Houston, a friend and fellowship.

“She's a sweetheart,” Houston said. “She'll always do something for somebody.”

Phillips says her ministry anytime soon.

"," She said. T "God put me on this earth."


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