Visa exemption between Togo and the Maldives – THE FIRST PRIVATE PRESS AGENCY IN TOGO

Signing documents

Floods and hailstorms…

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No more visas (all categories) between Togo and the Maldives, documents signed between Togolese Minister of Foreign Affairs Robert Dussey and his Maldivian counterpart.

“I signed the visa waiver for all categories between Maldives and Togo. From now on, citizens between our two countries can move freely without a visa. Long live South-South cooperation,” declared Mr. Dussey.

Exchange of documents…

The Maldives are an archipelago made up of 1192 islands, of which only 187 are inhabited. The archipelago is located to the south of the Lakshadweep territory, belonging to India, and to the north of the Chagos archipelago, which belongs to the United Kingdom. The total area of ​​the atolls, including waters, is approximately 115,300 km2, and the exclusive economic zone of the Maldives is approximately 859,000 km2. FIN

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