“Visit the official residence in the air, heard from the chief of staff”

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In order to discover the official residence of the president, another claim was made that the ‘Perforation’, which is witchcraft, had come to the official residence of the Chief of Army Staff.

This time, a spokesman for the Ministry of National Defense at the time said he heard directly from the Army Chief of Staff.

At the time, Nam Young-shin, head of the Korean War Office, denied it, and the President’s Office also said it would review the accusation, saying it was ‘fake news’.

Reporter Park Yoon-soo will tell you.

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This is a book written by Boo Seung-chan, a former spokesman for the Ministry of National Defense.

It is going to be distributed in bookshops tomorrow, but it is in the form of a diary.

Diary on April 1st last year.

I heard a shocking sound from Army General Nam Young-shin. The non-commissioned officer wrote that he reported that “a member of the transition committee and Cheon Gong stopped by the official residence of the president and the Seoul office of the army.”

In the footnotes, detailed circumstances were also written.

I stopped at the bathroom for a while, but the army chief followed behind me and whispered, ‘I have something to tell you.’ I said it didn’t make sense. When I asked, ‘Cheong-Gong has a unique appearance and it would be easy to see, is it possible?’, the president wrote that he said categorically, ‘What is the intention of the non-commissioned officer to give a false report for me? ‘

Former spokesman Seungchan Boo said the same in a phone call with MBC.

[부승찬/전 국방부 대변인]

“President Nam Young-shin has nothing to lie to me, and the person who reported to President Nam Young-shin has no valid reason to falsely report to President Nam Young-shin.”

The claim that Cheon-gong came to the official residence of the chief of staff to search for the presidential residence with Kim Yong-hyeon, the president’s office chief, was first made by former lawmaker Kim Jong-dae in December last year .

A then undisclosed source has just been revealed.

[부승찬/전 국방부 대변인]

“President Nam Young-shin may be suffering now, but Representative Kim Jong-dae was also accused anyway because of me…”

Former Chief of Staff Nam Young-shin did not answer the phone, but denied in other media.

[남영신/전 육군 참모총장 (오마이뉴스TV ‘조성식의 어퍼컷’)]

“I don’t know about that. I haven’t been told, nothing.”

The president’s office denied it was fake news, saying, “There is no one-on-one relationship with the security chief, and there is no fact that he visited the mission.”

In addition, he announced that he would consider additional charges against those who raised related allegations, such as former lawmaker Kim Jong-dae and former spokesman Bu Seung-chan.

This is Park Yun-soo from MBC News.

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