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Visiting Gyu “I will be the forefront of’recovering 600 billion won in exports'”

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New Year’s Message from the President of the Export-Import Bank, “Leading a breakthrough turnaround in exports by concentrating all capabilities”

Director of Export-Import Bank

[팍스넷뉴스 양도웅 기자] Director of Export-Import Bank(Photo)Through this New Year’s Address in 2021, he expressed his intention to take the lead in’recovering $600 billion in exports’. Currently, Korea’s exports surpassed $600 billion in 2018 for the first time, and then decreased to $544.2 billion in 2019 and $441.4 billion in 2020 (excluding December) for the second consecutive year.

In his New Year’s speech on the 1st, Mr. Bang said, “It is difficult to optimize export conditions due to the reorganization of the global supply chain and the spread of protectionism,” he said. “We do not know what unexpected variables may block our path this year.” did.

At the same time, he ordered the executives and employees of the Export-Import Bank to actively implement a total of four things: ▲ the vanguard of recapture of $600 billion in exports ▲ acceleration of digital transformation ▲ leading ESG (sustainable) management ▲ strengthening expertise and communication.

“It was the export and overseas sectors that played a supporting role whenever our economy was difficult,” said Mr. Bang. “Unfortunately, Korea’s exports peaked at $600 billion in 2018 and are walking downhill for two consecutive years.” He then emphasized, “As a foreign policy financial institution, the Export-Import Bank should lead a epoch-making turnaround in exports by concentrating all its capabilities and take the lead in the Korean economy’s leap forward.”

In addition, Mr. Bang said, “This year will be the’first year of the digitization of export-import banks’ with the establishment of a dedicated digital finance organization, the introduction of an automatic examination system, and the establishment of a non-face-to-face online service.” “We will improve accessibility and convenience of finance.”

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In addition, he added, “Recently,’good management’ for win-win growth and happiness for future generations is required in all fields. The Export-Import Bank has also established and implemented a management system for each ESG stage, so that it can be used in all fields such as loan, investment, procurement, and screening. “Let’s do our best to become a bank trusted by the people by internalizing management and strengthening social responsibilities such as supporting the weakest class and creating jobs.”

In addition, Mr. Bang said, “Each member’s competitiveness is the competitiveness of the Export-Import Bank, and the competitiveness of the Export-Import Bank is the basis for our company to grow into a stronger company in the global market.” “Strengthening the learning organization through the global talent training program “Let’s try to increase our professional competence through in-depth training and digital training,” he said.

He then emphasized, “Let’s build a productive and healthy relationship through active communication not only within the organization but also with customers and related organizations in spite of environmental changes called Untag.”

Meanwhile, Chairman Bang also shared the achievements of 2020 through his New Year’s address. The Export-Import Bank recorded 73 trillion won, surpassing 64 trillion won, which was originally targeted for loan support in 2020. The Foreign Economic Cooperation Fund (EDCF) loan project also provided emergency medical loans for Corona 19 response of $470 million, providing support for quarantine in developing countries and for domestic medical companies to advance into the outside world.

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