Visiting the Britney Spears crew in his home American sleeping home

The unofficial museum dedicated to the largest of Kentwood's star is an emphasis back in time

Listen, I think I know Britney better than some of my friends. The world looked like the girl named "Princess of the Pop" was a pre-determined member of the Mickey Mouse Club to criticize the bonafide billboard-upside star for which you are too young to throw. Eighteen after the first time the only one hit "Baby One More Time" traveled across countries, he had a severe public breakdown due to "great concern". Britney's image is headed by a leading head in a famous lead – he will not forget, at one point Britney's time is the biggest star on the planet.

So, when I was on a road trip and I heard that a non-official museum was dedicated to Britney as a hometown, I knew I had to go.

As I entered a tiny and a half hour ago from New Orleans in Louisiana, I signed a sign: "Welcome to Kentwood: Established in 1893". Below, pink eggs say white letters: "Home to Britney Spears." Britney was born in McComb, Mississippi, but she raised her in Kentwood.

When we parked the RV, we asked a man out: "I'll be trading already!" He looked down on his gray car, and then suggested on our RV. Another woman cried, "Are you looking for a Britney museum?" Visitors do not seem like to Kentwood.

The woman took a sign-up saying that said: 'Kentwood's Historical & Cultural Museum. Lots of not, the Britney Spears & Museums, but I walked over and I set the door anyway.

A mid-century woman opened up and began talking about how she was exhausted, while speaking in the thick south cap that Britney's voice listens to be able to recognize.

I dropped over the door and it seems that I went into the late 90's. Cover the pink, spice, and Britney the walls. Britney granted. Britney movie. Britney circuit Las Vegas. Britney i jew stonewash. Britney in wings. Britney headed a fake.

In one corner, Britney's white angel wings set a big fate on her Fatale Femme ride on the wall. An above sign shows photos with the wings of $ 3 – the rest of the museum is subscribed.

Fay Gehringer, the lady who responded to the door, said that the building was a funeral house, but was relocated into a museum in 1995. As Britney started to be famous, the town dedicated to the exhibition star is brightest.

"The Hall of Fame and football players have been a football player, but Britney was a lot longer than anyone else," she said.

Gehringer started sluggishly on the trip she had been doing three days a week for the last nine years, but she did not long catch her up. We walked on a wall with Britney's 14 calendar U.K. Gehringer explained that a man from London had sent the calendars as well as various magazines and books. I wanted to have their reliable collection where they were when they died – in the native town of Britney. "I always like to take fan contributions," says Gehringer.

In the other room, there was a glass case including Britney's dolls Barbie, some of the old trophies, and a unique jaguar pioneer. I was starving at Britney's poster with the Mickey Mouse Club as well as the future royalty of pop: Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, and Ryan Gosling. On the other side of the room, I just looked at Britney just in the eye, or at least a life cut with stache and got milk; & # 39 ;.

"On his schedule, Britney does not return to Kentwood as often as she was," says Gehringer, adding him to her visit, her parents see at the family estate that they named Serenity & # 39 ;.

Britney visited the museum back when he opened, but she was not just happy. "Back then she was just like that because she could not believe anyone would want to come and see anything of her or hear anything," says Gehringer. "Since then, her mother and father spoke to her and she's proud. They add items here to let those who are fans and sign up some things from time to time."

In the closing room is the museum to attract: the very young Britney bedroom with a famous photo Rolling Stone in 1999. Gehringer confirms that the only furniture in the room is the real measure, given by his parents.

It's clear when talking to Gehringer that she does not superfan. She first took the job because something needed to be done after a tragedy in charge of her closing her family flower shop. But your favorite is serving fans from all over the world.

"I think this must also work and I'm glad to enjoy it," she says. "I had three groups yesterday and I was tired, but when I come to talk about it, I renew again."

Gehringer says visitors come from all over the United States, but Europe and Australia are the largest. One in Europe remembers a picture of a pink shrine that he had at home fully focused on the Britney party. "I did not know honestly that there were many things that you could be there," she says.

To be honest, I went to the unofficial museum trying to see something weird – a curious lie for a pop icon star. But I left thinking so stupid. Britney could not be so proud of his celebrity, but here in this small museum she is completely other, a regular girl from a sleeping highway home that was trying to make it big and big, with a big way of sleeping town who is proud of her.

On the way, Gehringer gives every visitor an opportunity – a free poster or a pin to use a Vegas show that is unable to market. I caught a free poster and went back to my RV, hitting "Hit Me Baby One More Time".


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