Vitamin D intake helps reduce cancer deaths… Nutrient selection tips

Recently, the result of a foreign study that taking vitamin D helps to reduce the death rate of cancer, the main cause of death of modern people, was published in the ‘Aging Research Review’.

A research team led by Dr. Ben Sötker, Ph.D., from the German Cancer Research Center, comprehensive analysis of data from 14 randomized controlled clinical trials involving approximately 105,000 people. As a result, people who took vitamin D supplements daily were found to have a 12% lower cancer death rate than the control group who did not take vitamin D supplements, a statistically significant level.

In particular, the effect was greatest on the elderly (aged 70 or over) and those who started taking vitamin D supplements as a preventative measure before a cancer diagnosis. Additionally, since this study analyzed together without distinguishing between those with vitamin D deficiency and those with normal blood levels, it is speculated that the effect would be greater for those with vitamin D deficiency.

Therefore, it is recommended to take vitamin D regularly and take care of your health. Vitamin D is contained in salmon, tuna, and egg yolks, and is available in many nutritional supplements, making it easy to supplement.

However, when choosing a vitamin D supplement, it is good to pay attention to the raw material of vitamin D and choose naturally derived vitamin D. Since naturally occurring vitamin D is extracted from fruits, vegetables, yeast, etc. and is a combination of vitamins and cofactors, it has been found through research that the absorption rate in the body is several times higher than overall vitamin D rate was made. through chemical processes.

To distinguish between naturally occurring vitamin D and general vitamin D, you must check the ‘raw material and content’ label. Although general vitamins are listed only with chemical names or nutritional names, such as calcium carbonate, nicotinic acid amide, and ascorbic acid, naturally derived vitamins are derived from “dry yeast (vitamin D)” and “extract powder acerola (vitamin C) ” Substances are labeled together with their nutritional content and are easy to identify.

If you are considering the quality of the raw materials, you should also check the WCS mark. WCS stands for ‘Warrant Contents Standard’ and means that the company guarantees the quality of raw materials and takes responsibility for compensation. Since the authenticity, content and quality of raw materials are strictly inspected and controlled, if there is a corresponding label, low-quality products with problems such as the detection of fake raw materials or impurities can be avoided.

In addition, if you check if NCS or NOCHESTEM is marked, you can choose safe vitamin D. NCS and Nokestem refer to products that do not use additives and chemical substances commonly used to improve stability, productivity or taste in making healthy foods.

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