Viva drinks way to save the nation

over the years Japan has a problem with storage income.alcohol tax continued to decline and the spread of COVID-19 put pressure to reduce alcohol consumption even more According to Japan’s National Tax Agency, alcohol consumption per adult was 100 liters in 1995, but fell to 75 liters per person in 2020.

for “Tax on drinks” It is a big income for the Japanese government. for centuries But the numbers have been falling in the last few decades. Liquor tax revenue for the year 2021 was about 1.1 trillion yen (about 39 billion baht), accounting for 1.7% of total tax revenue, a decrease of about 3% compared to 2011 and a decrease of 5% compared to 1980 .

while the behavior of the new generation of Japanese There was a particularly significant reduction in the use of alcohol. A survey by the Ministry of the Economy found that around 30 per cent of people aged 40-60 drink alcohol regularly (3 or more days a week), while only 7.8% of those in their 20s drink alcohol regularly. regular.

directly affecting the government.Loss of tax revenue collected from alcoholic beverages There is one of them “breadfruit” (liquor made from rice)

causing the Japanese authorities to decide to open the project “Sake Viva” (Sake Viva) or “Let’s drink for the sake of..!” By giving people aged 20-39 the opportunity to propose business ideas to invite the same generation. to resort to alcoholic beverages without restriction “breadfruit” from Japan only, but it will “Soju, whiskey, beer, or wine.” too but it must be creative in branding, advertising, and the application of artificial intelligence technology

Japanese media reported it after the Japanese government launched the project “Sake Viva!” There is positive and negative feedback from society. The opposition parties are of the opinion that he supports the behaviour. which adversely affects public health The other side offers strange ideas, such as having a famous actress come. “Pretending to be armed forces personnel” In a club located in a virtual world..

For Japanese alcoholic beverage producers are also affected, whether “Kirin Hold” as well as “Asahi” or “Sun Catch” a “Sapporo Hold” During the years 2019-2020, a significant reduction in profit was seen. until alcoholic beverage producers must quickly find ways to adapt strategies to cope with various forms

Some people turn to catch health trends. by speeding up the development and marketing of healthy drinks instead hopefully making money to compensate for the loss of alcohol sales

It is worth noting that the campaign “Have a drink .. help the nation” of Japan this time encouraging the consumption of alcoholic beverages To allow the government to collect taxes on liquor and alcoholic beverages how much more..!?

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