Vivienne Westwood is more than just a titular fashion rebel. “lady”

Vivienne Westwood (Vivienne WestwoodVivien Isabel Swire was born on April 8, 1941 in Derbyshire, an old town in the East Midlands of England, (Vivienne Isabel Swire)

Vivian took the surname Westwood after her first husband, Derek Westwood, whom she married in 1962.

Vivienne and Derek’s relationship ends when she meets British actor Malcolm McLaren. Visual artist, singer, songwriter, musician, clothing designer. boutique shop owner and managed the bands New York Dolls and the Sex Pistols.

this moment Vivienne and Malcolm used “clothes” shock the eyes and provoke a reaction but to inspire change. By being a stylist or dressing for members of the Sex Pistols, the world’s most infamous punk rock band. He earned the nickname the famous designer who breaks the rules.

Vivienne Westwood campaigning for Julian Assange

after the end of his relationship with Malcolm Vivian changed her style. Embodying what became known as the “New Romantic” and “The Pagan Years”, her designs were criticized for being too girly to include mini skirts and crinolines.

but Vivienne Westwood Still insisting on being myself He is also a central figure in proposing concepts of fashion style. unisex or gender non-restrictive fashion

Creating ‘fashion’ is inspired by everything. Not even the story politics throughout her career Westwood is known for her polar political views and activism.

In February 2016, the United Nations Human Rights Commission announced that Mr. Julian Assange (Julian Assange), the founder of the website WikiLeaks (WikiLeaks) kept illegal. and he ordered the governments of Sweden and the United Kingdom to release him immediately without fail. and he should receive compensation from both governments for violating his fundamental rights.

while in captivity Julian created a Twitter account called Embassy cat, saying it was a tweet of a cat that lives with itself in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. More than 15,000 followers (2015 statistics)

The British government was not happy. So he created his own Twitter cat to create a solid base to fight Julian. And there is still hope that Julian will be surrendered to the Americans. which, if successful, as Americans will receive an important gift Cause on America’s side Julian is the person he wants the most.

Vivienne Westwood’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection showcases some uni.

The event was the main inspiration to Spring/Summer 2017 Collection (2017) from an innovative British designer. Vivienne Westwood which still introduces uni-secing once again to the models and the models

Men’s clothing is flirty with dungarees style shirts and pants, knit coats with a front slit, flared trousers, long white trousers folded at the waist, even ‘dresses’ for men.

Vivienne Westwood kicks off the “Spring/Summer 2017 Collection” fashion show with a video message. “We are all at a global milestone in celebrating ‘The Brave Who Blows the Whistle’ and freedom for all.”

Vivienne Westwood spring/summer 2017 collection

Vivienne Westwood announced it here on the Milan Fashion Week runway. is the start of ‘Assange Week’ on June 19, 2016 at 20:30 (local European time CET), along with 9 other major organizations around the world, such as

  • Center Pompidou, the largest museum in the center of Paris France
  • Volksbuhne Theater in Berlin Germany
  • Bozar Theater in Brussels, Belgium
  • Circulo de Bellas Artes Museum, Madrid, Spain
  • Belgrade, the capital of Serbia
  • Naples, Europe’s largest historic city centre
  • Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia

Another Vivienne Westwood campaign for Julian Assange

The same calls were also made in New York, Quito, Buenos Aires. and Montevideo The event was attended by prominent activists and speakers in the civil rights and freedom society such as Patti Smith, Noam Chomsky, Brian Eno, Slavoj Zizek, Michael Moore, PJ Harvey.

While the graphics on the runway show the words IoU (IoU and life) or ‘I owe you my life’ This is a fight for the future and freedom. on the unity of the intellectuals which started in schools and universities in the UK.

Kenyan cow leather shopper bag from EFI project

As well as her Spring/Summer 2017 bag collection, she continues to showcase her ‘Made with Heart’ collection as part of the Ethical Fashion Initiative (EFI), which Vivian worked with. International Trade Organization (International Trade Centre)

It is an agency under the United Nations (UN) and the World Trade Organization (WTO) which aims to support the work of ‘small producers’, namely Thousands of women in border communities in Africa It started in Kenya (Kenya) since 2015. and expanded to Nairobi

The aim of the EFI project is to promote and push skilled villagers to enter the International Value Chain of the world market, this project generates income for one of the world’s poorest villages. It also encourages sustainable growth in the business. instead of making the villagers dependent on aid

It also creates stability for these poor communities. This project does not count as charity work. But the income generated is all from the hard work of the villagers.

All the bags in the collection are created from recycled canvas Old billboard from the side of the road scrap leather including recycled brass Produced in the Kibera slum (Kibera is the largest slum in Nairobi), where villagers collect scrap metal such as old keys and car parts for remelting.

The collection includes a variety of styles of bags for both men and women. Whether it’s a unisex backpack, tote bag, patchwork bag. and a beaded clutch bag belonging to the Maasai tribe. and key chains inspired by African textiles and other environments. which combine to produce these products

Dame Vivienne Westwood presents the Spring-Summer 2017 collection.

Vivienne Westwood has also co-authored a number of books, including Fashion in Art: The Second Empire and Impressionism. Exploring the links between the worlds of fashion and art, Vivienne Westwood Opus 2008 (Limited Edition) was published at London Fashion Week in 2008, documenting her own unique works of art.

In 1992, Vivian Westwood was awarded an OBE- Order of the British Empire. has received the name prefix Dame or “lady”

Dame Vivienne Isabel Westwood died peacefully aged 81 at home in London surrounded by her family Thursday, December 29, 2022