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Vivo expands its business into Europe, officially entering the Romanian and Czech markets.

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Vivo, a leading global smartphone maker, has expanded its customer base to the Romanian and Czech markets, where the company held an online press conference to officially mark its entry into both markets.

At the press conference, the press was greeted by top executives from Vivo Europe’s headquarters in Dusseldorf. Germany As well as the company’s team In Romania and the Czech Republic, who are experts from various industries, the company also took the opportunity to discuss with partners and present Vivo’s first smartphone to be sold in this market as well.

“We are very excited and excited about our entry into Romania and the Czech Republic. And would like to take this opportunity to introduce a formal example As well as presenting our first smartphone for consumers in Romania and the Czech Republic. The initial launch here is amid a challenging time for people and businesses around the world.

However, our plans and our commitment to expand across Europe remain unchanged. This is in accordance with the Company’s philosophy. Of us who always cherish Is to do the right thing in the right way ” Mr. Denny Deng, Vice Chairman Chairman of the European Business Committee of Said Vivo.

“We had just launched in the European market in October of last year and received positive feedback. Plus, it has received a lot of attention from both our partners and our consumers. Since our first step into the international market in 2014, we have been committed to providing consumers with innovative and quality products. As a brand that millions of people around the world trust. We are sure soon This way we can build consumer confidence in Romania and Czech markets as well as other markets. ” Mr. Deng added.

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After successfully entering six European markets in 2020, Vivo plans to double its presence in the European market. Including planning to sell the company’s products In more than 12 European markets by 2021, in addition to Romania and Czech markets, Vivo also plans to expand its markets to Serbia and Austria in the first half of this year.

The first step in expanding customer groups in Romania and the Czech Republic.

“We are very excited to share our passion for football with our friends. That’s why we look forward to partnering with UEFA in the European Football Championship and the UEFA Euro 2024 Championship, where both UEFA and we share our passion for perfection. As well as want to offer our fans a different and exciting experience. With our role as the UEFA EURO 2020 Global Smartphone ” Said Mr. Deng.

From this year, consumers will be able to see the new Vivo smartphones, formed through a strategic partnership with ZEISS, to design a premium smartphone imaging system that is currently in development. This will enable consumers to create new photographic experiences. And able to keep a much better level of detail than ever before


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