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vivo launches V23e 5G, a new smartphone Appease the selfie line, price 12,999 baht

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vivo The world’s leading smartphone brands Official launch of the latest 5G smartphone vivo V23e 5G under the concept ‘Clear every moment that is you’ Raises the selfie function that will make it easier for users. with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology Bring out the essence of true selfie photography with Nature Portrait mode. (Natural Portrait Selfie) and the front camera with an autofocus system that has a clear level 44 million pixels This makes it easier to shoot portraits, day or night. Combining both functionality and elegant design Take your selfie experience to the next level. Open for pre-ordering as the owner today at the price. 12,999 baht

vivo V23e 5G Comes with a front camera Ultra HD resolution 44MP[1] Supports AF autofocus with Natural Portrait mode, Eye Autofocus technology and Multi-Style Portrait mode in a slim design. There is also a rear camera with a high resolution night mode (Ultra-Clear Night Camera) that is suitable for taking pictures even in complete darkness. Including additional features such as 44W fast charging technology and Extended RAM technology to expand the usage area to the fullest. ready to provide the ultimate user experience that is smoother than ever

by vivo is committed to delivering the best and practical smartphone experience to users in various groups around the world, vivo V23e 5G is designed for users who want to talk. identity and reproduce images naturally A slim design smartphone that comes with this affordable price. It will allow consumers to own 5G devices with all the features that meet their needs more conveniently and easily.

front camera resolution 44MP Designed to reflect natural clarity.

The vivo V23e 5G is a smartphone that meets the needs of users who are constantly looking for a better selfie experience. Especially when shooting portraits with aesthetic aesthetics. and natural clarity This smartphone combines the innovative front-facing camera system from vivo with state-of-the-art technologies such as auto focus and night portrait features for capturing beautiful photos and videos. Looks good from every angle, ready to support AI Extreme Night The front-facing camera processes multiple frames together to reduce noise, and AI algorithms correct facial features in portraits. It helps to take a selfie at night to preserve the details of the image better as it is taken during the day.

Natural portrait mode (Natural Portrait) vivo’s unboxing photo mode pushes the boundaries of personal storytelling. V23e 5G is powered by artificial intelligence algorithms.
It allows users to capture better facial details while taking selfies. Ready to reveal your natural self easily.

in terms of clarity Auto focus front camera (OF) The 44MP resolution allows users to take clear selfies with sharp and detailed focus no matter how far away from the camera the photographer is. Moreover Eye focus feature (Eye Autofocus) It tracks eye movements with high accuracy. To achieve clear and detailed selfies by putting the user as the focus of the image. It makes taking selfies more fun than ever. with various styles of portrait mode (Multi-Style Portrait) It allows users to easily adjust and retouch their photos through filters, including Face Beauty and color tone, as well as to capture blurred backgrounds using Bokeh effects. Make portrait photography no longer boring.

There is also a feature Dual-View Video 3.0 Can record both the front and rear cameras at the same time without interruption like a professional director Suitable for shooting video stories in a variety of perspectives and features. Steadiface Selfie Video Helps to focus on the face clearly. with powerful algorithm technology Helps to lock the focus on the face for stable images as if using a tripod. which is a good help for those who like to shoot vlog. In addition, the multiple exposure mode or Double Exposure The newly upgraded allows background photos to be imported to overlay other images. to create a unique image that perfectly expresses the style of the user

Design of luxury that comes in a compact size.

vivo V23e 5G This model is made from leading technology, glass surface. Satin AG[2] give a touch of elegance Comes with a body that is only slim 7.36 mm[3] only weight 172 grams but is durable And it’s easy to carry with you anywhere, anytime. Experience a minimalist design with a new design and manufacturing innovation. The 2.5D smooth edges are superbly coated. The translucent metallic luster gives the surface a dimensional look. luxury

Smartphones come in a variety of eye-catching colors. Stay on trend with stylish colours, inspired by nature and art, envisioned by seasoned designers. Along with combining new innovations, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to design that is user-centered. Reflecting beauty with modern shades and colors. Sunshine Coast[4] Two-layer blended pigment coating technology along with beautiful color gradation It reflects the beauty of the different machines in each corner. It’s like a summer coastline that’s alluring and colourful. Moonlight Shadow[5] Innovative ceramic film pigment coating technology through a nano-scale coating process Reflecting beauty through classic shades of black.

vivo V23e

vivo V23e

Integrate hardware and software The new look can flow smoothly.

At the heart of the smartphone is the MediaTek Dimensity 810 chipset, which uses the leading 6nm technology. It also supports dual mode 5G network signal, both SA and NSA support 5G+5G dual SIM standby at the same time. Able to switch network usage smoothly With a 360-degree omnidirectional antenna design, experience fast data transmission over the network. And an excellent signal, most recently, vivo has collaborated on research and development of 5G SA technology with leading Thai network operators such as AIS and True, making vivo smartphones that support 5G SA that are currently available in all models. including vivo V23e 5G can support and use 5G signals covering both 700 MHz and 2600 MHz frequencies on both AIS and True networks.

vivo V23e

With a 4050mAh (TYP) battery with support for 44W fast charging technology, vivo V23e 5G can be charged from 1% to 69% in just 30 minutes.[6] You can use it all day without worry.

The vivo V23e 5G comes with 8GB + 4GB RAM with Extended RAM 2.0, enabling 4GB of RAM to be used whenever needed. So users can enjoy a smooth experience anytime, anywhere. Even when switching between multiple applications, it is also guaranteed by Hi-Res Certification. High-Resolution Audio Quality Guaranteed It’s also a hallmark for the ultimate audio experience.

vivo V23e

vivo is committed to developing Funtouch OS on the Android operating system continuously. To meet the needs of users precisely and Funtouch OS 12 comes with new widgets that are more exciting than ever. Able to show regularly running applications when unlocking the smartphone. without having to open the application And comes with Nano Music Player, giving you a more comfortable listening experience. With Spotify support, one-click immersion into the world of music (and Joox support in some supported regions), or stickers that can display recordings, reminders, inspirational quotes, and more for users. Jobs do not miss important information anymore. You can also customize the color. and background pictures to make the home screen look unique in its own style

Ready to add another level of security When the user sets a password to unlock the phone The password must be entered to turn off the machine. This will prevent the user’s stolen smartphone from being turned off. Increase the chances of finding the machine back more. It also comes with a feature. Picture-in-Picture give a reply to a message Or browsing data on other applications is easier and faster. Enjoy movies, browse the web, or play games all at the same time, making multitasking worry-free.

rear view camera Ultra-Clear allows you to see even in complete darkness.

vivo V23e 5G comes with 3 rear cameras. resolution 50MP + 8MP + 2MP It reinforces vivo’s commitment to improving the user’s photography experience. main camera 50MP It helps to capture the details of the photo better. Can share and save stories clearly Delivering great photos and do not miss every important moment camera ultra wide-angle 8MP 120 degrees Whether it’s a group photo beautiful natural scenery or classic architecture able to capture the beauty of that moment perfectly andcamera macro resolution 2MP Magnify the beauty of small details. hidden from every angle approaching the small world That’s even more amazing.

vivo V23e

In addition, the rear camera also supports the feature. Bokeh Flare Portrait Emphasize portraits with dual cameras with customizable background lighting Using the effect of adjusting the background lighting to make the scene beautiful and classic, like a professional lens. Creative Night Shots Comes with Ultra Stabilization feature Anti-vibration technology sensor Ultra Stable Video and ICE CREAM by intelligently detecting the level of body movement video stabilization with a broader perspective Delivering a great video shooting experience

vivo V23e

This newest smartphone is the ideal choice for users looking for an affordable device. It offers a natural and clear selfie experience in style without any interruption. Sophisticated design of vivo both software and hardware. It helps elevate innovation and photography to a new dimension unlike any device ever before.

vivo V23e

vivo V23e 5G Officially launched at the price 12,999 baht There are two new colors to choose from: Sunshine Coast and Moonlight Shadow Can be pre-ordered from today – 30 November 2021 Ready to receive free! Electric toothbrush worth 1,999 baht for those who pre-order only andIt will be officially released on December 1, 2021. at vivo Brand Shop and dealers across the country
Follow more details at the website. https://www.vivo.com/th/ or Facebook vivo Thailand

vivo V23e

[1] front camera 44 million Ultra HD can display images 44 Megapixels in shooting mode 44MP

[2] mirror AG available in version Sunshine Coast only

[3] The thickness of the device does not include the camera body.

[4] Body color thickness Sunshine Coast is 7.41 mm due to double coating

[5] Body thickness of color Moonlight Shadow is 7.36 mm

[6] All data are based on laboratory technical parameters. and actual performance data may vary depending on the software version. test environment All comparisons shown on this page refer to the product. vivo only



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