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Vivo V21 5G with 5 highlights outstanding, the world’s first smartphone with sharp selfies and shaking OIS.

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Including the highlights of the Vivo V21 5G, the ultimate 5G smartphone for selfie lovers The 44MP high resolution front camera features the world’s first OIS image stabilization technology. Can transmit feelings clearly With full function features

In this social age Anyone who wants to have a beautiful picture and post it on Facebook, IG hope to call the number of likes. But for people who are not good at taking pictures We have a great helper, such as the Vivo V21 5G that is packed with selfie-specific features. Under the concept “OIS Night Selfie For Your Best Moment” Whether it is a photo or video, it comes out beautiful and sharp, smooth surface work, fine face work, give a full ten points, no deductions. Let’s see what this smartphone has outstanding highlights. We included it.

Highlight 1: Selfie Front Camera Keep every detail both taking pictures and videos

The front camera Vivo V21 5G is considered the highlight of the model. With a resolution of up to 44MP and also has OIS technology in the world’s first smartphone. Effortlessly optimize shooting with every movement. No shaking and blurry problems Help create photo and video content more beautiful than ever before. Be dazzled with the clarity of every shot. Unlock full ideas without interruption.

I live V21 5G

Night selfie photos Exactly beautiful, not needing an app

For those who feel frustrated every time when taking a selfie at night or in low light Because the image did not come out as hoped From now on, it will be beautiful only because mode Super Night Selfie has AI Help processing automatically adjust the light and brightness. Reduce the occurrence of noise The picture came out beautiful and clear on the cover. Screaming loud numbers

I live V21 5G

I live V21 5G

Turn off / on Super Night Selfie mode.

Dual Selfie Spotlight

If the light is not bright enough, it still has Dual Selfie Spotlight A pair of flashes, a vital aid that adjusts the face light. When selfies in low light will return to the beauty of the next level. Which expert is sure that he still lost to this smartphone? Because even in how dark the light is

I live V21 5G

Wow! Front dual flash lights ready like this How many selfies are strong

I live V21 5G

I live V21 5G

Turn off / on Dual Selfie Spotlight mode
When this mode is turned on, it will give your face an instant aura feeling. Like carrying a spotlight with you everywhere

Vivo V21 5G would like to please those who like to shoot video with the front camera with maximum efficiency, will sing, dance or show full of patterns with 4K Selfie Video, 4K resolution for professional selfie video shooting.

I live V21 5G

There are 3 video resolutions options available, including 4K 1080p and 720p.

Ultra Stable Video, no shaking steps

Enjoy more extreme fun with taking video selfies with Ultra Stable Video mode with OIS + EIS dual image stabilization technology on the world’s first smartphone. This time no matter how many steps you walk or run Can record perfect video selfies

Instantly brightens the video even when shooting in the dark.

For taking selfies in low light videos Feel free to worry with Spotlight Selfie mode that adjusts the brightness of the video to make it look striking and natural. Every shot is perfectly smooth. Capture every moment that you appreciate without missing.

I live V21 5G

Even shoot video The front flash can help up the beauty of us in every situation.

Take a front-back selfie video at the same time

Doubles the specialness of taking video selfies as well Dual-View Video This mode will give you the feeling of becoming a professional director. By recording video on both front and rear cameras at the same time Capture every detail There is no need to switch the camera back and forth.

I live V21 5G

I live V21 5G

We can choose the layout as well, what kind of style, choose as you like.

Highlight 2: The rear camera is sharp. Can convey meaning in every detail

The front camera selfie is not only beautiful, the rear camera of Vivo V21 5G is equally complete.There are 3 lenses, a 64MP main camera, Super Wide Angle 8MP lens and Super Macro 2MP with OIS and Eye Autofocus technology to provide an experience. Take photos that are second to none.

I live V21 5G

Sharp rear camera captures every detail Full ten, no broken Plus add more

In respect of Super Wide Angle Another tool that increases the perspective of the image to be more wide, deep, dimensional, who wants to change a simple photo to look a little more special? Recommend this mode

I live V21 5G

I live V21 5G

Off / On Super Wide Angle

Create stylish photos with Double Exposure.

Not all this time, the rear camera Vivo V21 5G also has fun features. Double Exposure With combining two photos into one Allows you to create stylish photos easily at your fingertips. With 2 types to choose from: Simultaneous front and back exposure Photos are beautifully stacked with just one press of the shutter.

I live V21 5G

Front-rear exposure image

The other would be two exposures. Which allows us to take 2 pictures and then put them together You have to press the shutter twice, depending on which aspect you want to create the image. Is at the point of view of the individual

I live V21 5G

Double exposure shot First press of the shutter Choose the photo that we want.
And press the shutter the second time, the picture that we took the first time will be overlaid with us. Feel the picture to look more artistic.

Super Macro is closer to you.

Many times we see the beauty of the small dots that surround us. But smartphones with cameras do not focus. When you get close to taking pictures, it is blurry, but definitely not with the Vivo V21 5G because there is a lens that takes close-ups up to 4 centimeters, always sharp, even when taking very close

I live V21 5G

I live V21 5G

Super Macro On / Off

Take video of the camera after any moment without shaking.

For video shooting, the Vivo V21 5G rear camera also has an Ultra Stable VDO mode with anti-shake technology. When opened, can keep every scene still. The kind that does not require even a small amount of equipment.

Highlight 3: Sleek, Light Design

Internal specification that is good Appearance makes it more fascinating, the Vivo V21 5G comes with Ultra Slim Design The most thin and light 2.5D curved screen, only 7.29 mm thick and weighs 176 grams, eye-catching colors of the back cover, 3D gradation with AG Matte Glass technology, available in 3 colors: Dusk Blue, Rainbow, Sunset Dazzle and White Arctic White. When touched when the first touch, you will feel the smoothness. It is also a scratch-resistant material. Prevent the occurrence of fingerprints Suitable for everyday use.

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I live V21 5G

Thin, light, rounded, attractive to use

I live V21 5G

The color of Suset Dazzle evokes the red clouds, moving slowly in the light of a falling evening setting that meets the vast ocean.

The large screen AMOLED FHD + size 6.44 inches gives bright, clear, realistic colors and supports smooth operation. With a 90Hz refresh rate for flawless enjoyment

I live V21 5G

Highlight 4: Full specification, 5G support, fast, powerful, full of performance

For this kind of digital age Having a smartphone that supports 5G is quite necessary, the Vivo V21 supports 5G dual mode SA & NSA (5G network service support that works with 4G) and supports 5G + 5G Dual SIM, providing speed. It uses a 7 nm MTK Dimensity 800U octa-core chipset, running at a top speed of 2.4 GHz, high memory. Available in two sizes: RAM 8GB + ROM 128GB, RAM 8GB + ROM 256GB, providing a quick start to use for opening applications. And comes with the operating system Funtouch OS 11.1 that makes use more convenient.

I live V21 5G

Highlight 5: Instant battery, extremely fast charging

In addition, Vivo V21 5G is equipped with 33W fast charging technology (Flash Charge), 4000m Ah battery capacity, can be charged up to 63% in 30 minutes, convenient to use throughout the day.

I live V21 5G

Put the charger on for a short time. Know again that the battery. Is almost full

I live V21 5G

All these are the highlights of the Vivo V21 5G, the ultimate smartphone. Let you express your feelings through selfies and videos clearly. Clarity in every mood Full specification And also supports 5G networks that connect quickly, always going “far and near”, ideal to be your companion in the social age world. For anyone who wants to buy the Vivo V21 5G, you can follow more details on the website. https://www.vivo.com/th/

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