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vivo V23e 5G review, clear every moment with a 44MP front camera and 50MP rear camera

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Recently, vivo has continued to penetrate the 5G smartphone market. with a price that everyone can access With the latest technology vivo V23e 5G that can choose whether to use on a 5G network, SA or Stand Alone, while other brands of 5G smartphones can not be selected. Let’s unpack the box and see how good this model is.

Unboxing to try vivo V23e 5G

The design of this model starts out pretty from the outer box. The front of the box has the model name V23e that stands out clearly. Surrounding the box is dark blue with glitter that reflects the light. It looks very beautiful. When unpacking the box, you will find the following devices:

  • Vivo V23e 5G Smartphone Moonlight Shadow (Black)
  • charger adapter vivo FlashCharge 44W
  • USB-C battery charger cable
  • clear silicone case
  • 3.5 mm small talk headphones
  • USB-C to 3.5 mm port adapter cable
  • Protective film (installed from the factory)
  • User Manual
  • SIM card tray ejector pin

vivo V23e 5G

vivo V23e 5G

The equipment inside the box is provided to the fullest extent. complete the whole machine and accessories No need to buy anything more The protective film that comes from the factory clear silicone case Does not obscure the color of the beauty of the device including headphones and the battery charger adapter with a power of up to 44 watts. Charge the battery quickly.

vivo V23e 5G

vivo V23e 5G, Moonlight Shadow color, premium luxury

with a simple design But hidden in luxury with the Moonlight Shadow color produced by ceramic film pigment coating technology. and nano coating process With a satin AG mirror surface that gives a smooth and shiny touch. when reflected with light at different angles of incidence It will reveal a dark gradient that looks mysterious and interesting. It is also a classic black color. beautiful unfading Sunshine Coast colors are also available.

vivo V23e 5G

vivo V23e 5G

The 6.44-inch display uses an AMOLED display that offers true-to-life colors. Has a resolution of FHD + or 1080 x 2400 pixels above the display has a front camera. with speaker and various sensors secretly hidden The lower part of the screen also has a fingerprint sensor that is embedded under the screen. You can put your finger on the screen to unlock quickly.

vivo V23e 5G

vivo V23e 5G

The back uses a moonlight shadow or black glossy glass material, only the vivo logo and the camera module are slightly raised. There are cameras to use 3 lenses with LED flash. The module of this camera may scratch when placed on the desktop. But it can be protected with a silicone case that comes in the box.

vivo V23e 5G

vivo V23e 5G

The side edges are thin, only 7.36 mm. The left side is an open design. There are no buttons on this side, the right side has a volume control button. Next down is the power button.

vivo V23e 5G

vivo V23e 5G

At the top there is only a small hole. It is a noise-canceling microphone while talking. As for the bottom, there is a slot for the SIM card tray that is articulated on the top, below the SIM2 tray can be replaced to insert an external memory card with a microSD, which will have to choose between SIM2 or memory. Next is a microphone for voice calls, a USB-C charging port and a speaker speaker.

vivo V23e 5G

vivo V23e 5G

Clear every face with the 44 MP Ultra HD selfie camera with Eye Auto Focus.

For using the front camera of vivo V23e 5G, it has a resolution of up to 44 million pixels with eye focus system. The camera will detect faces first. and focus on the eyes This is the point that will make taking selfies as sharp as possible. And the latest feature, Natural Portrait, using AI systems to help take pictures. Make the picture look more natural.

vivo V23e 5G

The features that are used for taking pictures in the front camera are also available in a variety of shooting styles. or choose a filter to take pictures or lighting effects that make your selfies unique. and for beauty mode Which is liked by many girls in this mode can adjust the skin tone. adjust the smoothness of the page Or you can choose to adjust different parts of the face, whether it is adjusting big eyes, adjusting the size of the nose, adjusting the shape of the mouth, adjusting the size of the face, all and also have a make-up mode. No matter how fresh the face is without make-up, vivo V23e 5G can provide beautiful girls without relying on apps.

And for taking selfies, there is an Ultra HD Selfie mode that uses a 44-megapixel sensor to its full potential. Keep every detail and color sharp and clear. Can be compressed into a large image without losing resolution. and clarity as well

vivo V23e 5G

Rear camera 50MP AI Triple Camera

The rear camera of vivo V23e 5G is available with up to 3 lenses, each lens has different shooting features. The main lens has a resolution of up to 50 million pixels and for the specs of the camera, all 3 lenses are as follows.

  • Main lens, 50 megapixel resolution, wide aperture f / 1.8
  • Ultra-wide lens, 8 megapixel resolution, 120-degree wide angle, wide aperture f / 2.2
  • Macro lens, 2 megapixel resolution, wide aperture f / 2.4

vivo V23e 5G

To take pictures with a 50-megapixel main camera in normal mode The camera will adjust the resolution to shoot at 12 million pixels in order to bring 4 pixels together into 1 pixel to allow the inclusion of light. and combine as many colors as possible brighten the picture More beautiful colors It also makes the image file smaller. Does not waste memory space But if you want to adjust the resolution to the highest, you can do it as well. Suitable for expanding the image into a large poster. no loss of image detail

For shooting modes, there are night mode, portrait mode, panorama mode, live photo, slow motion, time lapse, AR stickers, documents, and pro mode can be selected. as appropriate for use There is also an AI system that comes to help adjust the light. and colors in photography to suit the subject or things to be photographed Help the picture come out beautiful. realistic without having to adjust the image later as well

Sample photos from the rear camera

vivo V23e 5G

Have fun shooting Bokeh Flare Portrait and AI Extreme Night.

vivo V23e 5G has a unique Bokeh shooting mode. Make photography fun every night with Bokeh Flare Portrait mode that in addition to taking photos that melt the background beautifully. Make portraits stand out can also modify a small lamp The back can be transformed into other images, whether it is a heart, a star, a butterfly, or a cherry blossom.

In addition, taking selfies with the front camera at night can capture colors and brightness clearly with AI Extreme Night. No matter how dark it is, every face can be bright with this model’s high-resolution front camera.

Record stills with the Ultra Stable Video system.

For video shooting, there is technology and an EIS sensor that comes in to help reduce image shake. Help the image come out more stable. more attractive Suitable for capturing video clips and uploading them to social networks immediately without using a stabilization program.

And if you want to take a selfie video, there is also a Steadiface Selfie Video stabilization system that will focus on the face in particular. Make the face while taking selfie videos more stable, not shake and still keep the details of the back clearly. If you take a photo or shoot a VLOG, you don’t have to worry about the image shaking.

Shoot videos with the front and rear cameras at the same time with Dual-View Video 3.0.

If you want to shoot a video review of a product Or shoot travel video content, you can use a single vivo V23e 5G with Dual-View Video 3.0 that can be used for both the front camera. and the rear camera at the same time in a single clip which is a feature developed after the previous version which can divide the front camera The rear camera is the same size, or the front camera is used as a pop-up. and then use the rear camera as a big picture full screen Suitable for shooting with a focus on product reviews. or landscapes without having to edit clips later And there are also a few tricks like pop-up images to choose from in squares, circles, or hearts to add effects to your video.

Dual-View Video 3.0 shooting demo video

Run smoothly with Dimensity 810 chip with Extend RAM 2.0.

vivo V23e 5G uses the main processor MediaTek Dimensity 810 Octa-core speed 2.4 GHz, which is a chipset made with 6 nm technology that in addition to low power consumption. can also process smoothly and effective And there is also a 3D image processor Mali-G57 for 3D rendering or gaming.

For this model, there is a memory of 8 GB of RAM and can be further expanded by 4 GB of ROM memory for a total of 12 GB with the Extended RAM 2.0 feature allowing to open apps. more at the same time can switch to use the app Opened quickly and without interruption, which can open applications. Up to 25 apps at the same time. The ROM memory of this model has 128 GB and also supports external memory with a microSD of up to 1 TB.

For the work of this model, FunTouch 12 is based on the Android operating system version 11 with many outstanding features, such as Jovi Home, which is like a smart assistant that will help update information. Notification of appointments Including health alerts and also has Ultra Game Mode that helps allocate various resources on the device, whether it is RAM memory space, prioritizes the CPU to process games first. And help to turn off various notifications, especially in Esports Mode that will turn off all notifications. including incoming calls not to interfere with the game

From testing the performance of the processor with the Antutu 3D Benchmark application version 9.2.2 can score 346,356 points.

And for testing with the Geekbench 5 app, it was able to score 507 single-core points and multi-core 1574 points. From the performance test, the strength is considered quite good. Can be used for general work Or playing heavy 3D games can still play comfortably.

Supports 5G SA and NSA with 5G Dual-Mode support

With the Dimensity 810 processor that supports built-in 5G technology, it can connect to the network efficiently, with support for 5G dual mode, both SA (Stand Alone) and NSA (Non-Stand Alone). You can choose from the network settings menu which 5G to use. You can also choose whether to use 5G on the network with SIM1 or SIM2 without having to remove the SIM card to switch positions. making it more smooth to use In addition, the device is also designed to have antennas that can be received in 360 degrees, making it possible to receive signals fully without interruption.

From the speed test on the True Move network, it can do speeds of about 167 Mbps, which is considerably faster than the 4G network, but it depends on the area. and the density of use in that area as well

Fast charge with vivo FlashCharge 44W

It is considered the fastest charging vivo V Series smartphone, comparable to the vivo X Series, with a maximum charging power of 44 watts from the vivo FlashCharge adapter included in the box. The battery can be charged quickly. The battery of vivo V23e 5G has a capacity of 4050 mAh, can be charged from 1%-63% in just 30 minutes and fully charged to 100% in about 1 hour. After 80%-100%, the system will charge slowly to prevent the battery from overheating. It is another smartphone that has a fast charging system.

Summary of vivo V23e 5G review from What Phone reviews

After testing it for a short time It is considered a smartphone that meets all needs in daily life. Whether it’s easy to carry, compact, light, elegant, premium design. Can be used in general such as watching movies, listening to music, playing games, it works smoothly without interruption, especially when taking pictures with tricks and the AI ​​system that helps to compose beautiful images. There is a camera lens that can be used at any distance. Take both wide-angle shots with an ultra-wide lens, take close-up shots at a distance Go on a trip to take pictures without having to carry a big camera. If you want a complete mobile phone With a launch price of only 12,999 baht, with this level of price, we recommend it as a top choice. End this year.

Summary of specs and highlights of vivo V23e 5G

  • Size 160.87 × 74.28 × 7.36 mm., weight 172 grams.
  • AMOLED FHD + screen size 6.44 inches, resolution 1080 x 2400 pixels
  • MediaTek Dimensity 810 Octa-core 2.4 GHz processor
  • Memory RAM 8 GB, ROM 128 GB, add microSD up to 1 TB
  • 3D image processor Mali-G57 MC2
  • Can pull the ROM memory to add another 4 GB of RAM memory.
  • Supports 4G LTE and 5G networks.
  • Front camera, resolution of 44 megapixels, autofocus system
  • rear camera 3 lenses
    • Main lens, 50 megapixel resolution, wide aperture f / 1.8
    • Ultra-wide lens, 8 megapixel resolution, 120-degree wide angle, wide aperture f / 2.2
    • Macro lens, 2 megapixel resolution, wide aperture f / 2.4
  • 4,050 mAh battery, fast charging, FlashCharge, 44 watts of power
  • Support 2.4/5 GHz MIMO and Bluetooth 5.1 WiFi connection.
  • Available in 2 colors, Moonlight Shadow, Sunshine Coast.
  • Launch price 12,999 baht

Sample image from the front camera

Sample photos from the rear camera



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