Vivo Vice President, ‘Vivo X Fold Plus’ Red Color Unveiled.. Passed 300,000 Fold Test

Source: Weibo

The Vice President of the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Vivo has released an image of part of the design of the upcoming ‘Vivo X Fold Plus (+)’ through his Weibo account.

The ‘Vivo X Fold Plus’ in the image shows the rear camera, center hinge, and part of the cover screen in red. He also introduced some features of ‘Vivo X Fold Plus’ along with the image.

According to him, ‘Vivo X Fold Plus’ perfectly overcomes the durability issues of foldable phones by using an innovative aerospace grade hinge solution that has passed the 300,000 folding tests certified by Rheinland.

In addition to the 30-, 90- and 120-degree hovering effects, the display has received 19 A+ certifications from Displaymate, including an imaging system and optical lens developed in conjunction with Carl Zeiss, Germany.

In addition, the ‘Vivo X Fold Plus’ is powered by a 1st generation Snapdragon 8+ processor, and the 4700mAh battery, which is 130mAh more than the original model, is said to support 80W wired / 50W wireless charging.

The ‘Vivo X Fold Plus’ has passed certification in China and is just being released, but the exact release date has not been revealed yet.

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