vivo X70 Pro system update, latest May security update and stability improvement-Mobile phone brand news

The vivo X80 series will be officially launched in Taiwan in June. On the eve of the launch of the new phone, vivo did not forget the previous flagship, and launched a new system update for the vivo X70 Pro, which improved the stability of the system and improved Android security. Update to the latest version, which fixes a lot of bugs!

vivo X70 Pro has launched the system update PD2135F_EX_6.13.1, the size is about 421MB, which upgrades the Android security update to the new May 1 version. This version of the update fixes a number of high-risk vulnerabilities and improves system stability. It also optimizes the background power consumption of the system, and will also improve the problem of software crash of some partner manufacturers.

Since the system update is pushed in batches, if you haven’t received it yet, you can wait for a while and check again, or turn on the smart upgrade and let the phone complete the upgrade task automatically!

vivo X70 Pro system update, latest May security update and stability improvement

▲ This update provides the latest security update for vivo X70 Pro, which fixes a number of high-risk vulnerabilities. It is recommended to install it as soon as possible.

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