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Thiruvananthapuram> An all-party meeting convened by the government to ensure peace in Vizhinjam, took place including police station violence. The all-party coalition extended its support to the government for all measures to restore an atmosphere of peace. The representatives of the strike committee also assured that there will be no violence. Stay united so that the social environment is not polluted. The meeting was chaired by Minister GR Anil at 4pm on Monday. The representatives of the 24 organizations that took part in the meeting asked everyone to cooperate to avoid unfortunate incidents. Representatives of different political parties said that those who are blocking the Vizhinjam project are standing in the way of the unity of the country.

Minister GR Anil said in a press conference that all parties have condemned Sunday’s violence. Due to the self-restraint of the police and the government, major unfortunate incidents were avoided. The police will proceed with impartial and fair legal proceedings. Vizhinjath police have taken necessary precautions. The minister also said that strict action will be taken against false propaganda that destroys communal harmony.

CPI District Secretary M Anavoor Nagappan, CPI District Secretary Mangot Radhakrishnan, Congress Leader Vinod Sen, BJP District Secretary VV Rajesh, Samiti Samari Convener Eugene Perera, M Vincent MLA, D District Panchayat President Suresh Kumar, District Collector Jeromick George, Police Commissioner’ r City G Spurjankumar, Deputy Mayor of the Corporation PK Raju, Councillors, Deputy Collector Aswathi Srinivas and representatives of various community organizations were present.

Case against 3000 people

The police registered a case against 3000 people who witnessed the attack on the police station by Vizhinjam Samara Samiti activists. The charges include conspiracy with deadly weapons, assaulting the station, attempted murder, detaining police officers, obstructing the execution of duty and destroying public property. 40 policemen were injured in the attack on Sunday night. Six people are in a serious condition. Four police jeeps, a police van and two buses were destroyed. The SHO’s office, child-friendly police station building, the investigative office and the head office were also attacked. Wireless sets and equipment were destroyed. The loss is estimated at Rs 85 lakh.

The windows of two buses stopped at the nearby KSRTC bus stand and 15 glasses of staff rest rooms were broken. Out of this there is a loss of Rs 7.10 lakh. It was found that the announcement was made to gather people for rioting. The police see this as evidence of a planned attack. Footage from the CCTV outside the station and shops before the attack has also emerged. City Police Commissioner G Spurjankumar said the situation was calm and around 500 additional policemen were deployed in the area. There are more policemen in Mullur where the strike continues.

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