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Thiruvananthapuram – The discussion held by the cupboard sub-committee with the Vizhinjam Samara Samiti unsuccessful. This is the fourth time the governing administration has held discussions with the strike committee. The Latin Archdiocese said the Primary Minister was insulting the protesters.

The strike will be performed during the region. The strike committee also announced that they will get started the strike from Kochi Chellanam. The protesters also criticized the authorities for not using a stand on the fishermen’s crisis. At the identical time, it is not crystal clear why the strike proceeds. Abdurrahiman claimed.

Main Minister Pinarayi Vijayan experienced attacked the Latin Archdiocese though distributing rehabilitation funds to fishermen. The Prime Minister reported that the governing administration has only fantastic intentions. Even with great intentions, there will be folks who oppose it. It is a make a difference of the mentality of the opponents. They should really describe why they are from it. The complications skilled by the fishermen about the govt are the most energetic difficulties in the nation. The Main Minister claimed that the Kerala government is undertaking every thing in its ability to resolve them.

English summary: Go Vizhinjam protest to point out stage


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