Vocational Live” Kevez plays in reserve! Titans 2:3 Lions

Eighth inning

On the 8th, the Titans replaced the pitcher Lai Zhiyuan. After 2 outs, Tang Zhaoting walked with four bad walks, and struck out Lin Zujie.

seventh inning

On the 7th, the Titans replaced pitcher Li Jianxun. After the 1st out, Chen Jiexian crossed the hit to center, Pan Jiekai was out on first base, the runner went to second base, and Hu Jinlong was out with a guerrilla lander.

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7 times, the pitcher Kevez was replaced uniformly, and the Titans hit three times.

The sixth game (Titans 2:3 Lions)

After 6 on and 1 out, Tang Zhaoting made a four-out walk, Lin Zujie crossed the hit between first and second base, Lin Dai’an flattened the ball at second base, and the first base runner could not return to base to form a double play.

In 6 hits, the pitcher was replaced by Liu Yucheng, Fan Guochen hit from right field, Wang Shengwei blocked and hit first and second base, Gao Guolin made a double-kill on third base, Dai Peifeng hit in right field, the third base runner came back to score, Xin Yuanxu guerilla flew over the ball out.

fifth inning

On the 5th, the Titans replaced pitcher You Tingwei, Pan Jiekai made a four-inning walk, Hu Jinlong flew the ball out of left field, Rosa guerilla flew the ball out, and the runner failed to steal bases.

5 times, the Titans hit the line three times and three times.

Fubon titan You Tingwei took over the field. (Photo by reporter Chen Zhiqu)

The fourth game (Titans 1:3 Lions)

On the 4th, after two outs, the Titans changed the pitcher Lan Kaiqing. The game was stopped due to rain and resumed at 21:10. Lin Zujie crossed the sideline at third base, Lin Dai’an hit left field, the second base runner came back to score, and the Titans 1:3 Lions, Lin Jingkai hit third base, Chen Jiexian field left with a fly ball out.

4 times, the Titans hit the line three times and three times.

The game was postponed due to rain, and the staff pulled up the canvas. (Photo by reporter Chen Zhiqu.)

The referee announced that the match had been postponed due to rain. (Photo by reporter Chen Zhiqu.)

Uniting the lion Zujie. (Photo by reporter Chen Zhiqu)

Uniting the lion Zujie. (Photo by reporter Chen Zhiqu)

third game

3 up, hit the line three up and three down.

In 3 hits, Carlos made a four-inning walk, Fan Guochen struck out, Shen Haowei struck out, guerrilla Gao Guolin rolled the ball, and the second base runner was blocked.

Second leg (Titans 1:2 Lions)

On the 2nd, Lin Anke made a four-out walk, Tang Zhaoting landed a hit in left field, Lin Zujie advanced the ball, the runner went to second and third base, Lin Dai’an made a third base ball with and third base, and the second and third runners came back to score With a 0:2 lead, Lin Jingkai struck out, and Chen Jiexian was out on first base.

After 2 hits and 1 out, Gao Guolin made a four-run walk, Dai Peifeng hit a hit in right field, Xin Yuanxu struck out, third baseman Kong Nianen hit the grounder on a third-baseman’s error, pitcher Wang Zhengtang made a grounder. to form a hit in the field, and the third-base runner comes back Score, Titans 1:2 Lions, Lin Zebin third base grounding.

first round

On the 1st, Chen Jiexian crossed the hit between three trips, Pan Jiekai first baseman, runner on second base, Hu Jinlong second baseman out, runner on third base, Rosa guerrilla grounder out.

1 hit, Wang Zhengtang crossed the hit between three trips, Lin Zebin sacrificed the touchdown, the runner went to second base, Carlos struck out, and Fan Guochen was out of second base.

United Lions first play sequence:

1 Chen Jiexian CF
2 Pan Jiekai 3B
3 Hu Jinlong DH
4 Rosa 1B
5 Lin Anke RF
6 Tang Zhaoting LF
7 Lin Zujie SS
8 Lin Dai Ann C
9 Lin Jinkai 2B

Starting pitcher: Curry

United Lions starting pitcher Corey. (Photo by reporter Chen Zhiqu)

Fubon Titans first play sequence:

1 Wang Zhengtang 2B
2 Lin Zebin SS
3 Carlos DH
4 Fan Guochen 1B
5 Shen Haowei CF
6 Gao Guolin LF
7 Zhang Jinde C
8 Xin Yuanxu 3B
9 Kong Nianen RF

Starting pitcher: Fulango

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