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Sport 7 (Brothers 12: 3 Dragons)

On the 7th, Weiquan modified pitcher Wu Junjie, Fu Laixi remaining field Yang Chunpao, Brother 12:03 Very long, Yue Donghua strike out, Yue Zhenghua guerilla ball fly out, Wang Weichen centre subject ball fly out.

7 situations,

Match 6 (Brothers 11:3 Dragons)

On the 6th, Weiquan changed the pitcher Zhao Jingrong. After the 2nd out, Chen Zihao built a 4-out stroll, and the catcher Chen Wenjie ran the ball out.

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6 hits, Li Kaiwei strike a double in suitable industry, Liu Jihong strike a fly ball in remaining industry, Lin Xiaocheng strike a strikeout, and Namo.YiyangThe remaining area next base strike back the runners, the brothers 11:3 Very long, Zhang Zhengyu 2nd foundation ball formed a robust infield strike, and Guo Tianxin fly ball center industry was out.

Fifth Game (Brothers 11:2 Dragons)

On the 5th, Fu Laixi landed a hit in still left industry, Yue Donghua struck out, Yue Zhenghua manufactured a two-stage shot in ideal field, the brothers 11:2 Long, Wang Weichen pitcher on base out, Jiang Kunyu flew out in the ideal industry

5 instances, Weiquan strike the line a few instances and 3 instances.

Fourth Match (Brothers 9:2 Dragons)

On the 4th, Weiquan changed the pitcher Wang Yupu, Wang Weichen built a 4-inning stroll, and properly stole 2nd base, Jiang Kunyu designed a four-inning walk, Zhou Siqi hit still left discipline, the next base runner came again to score, the brothers 8:2 Lengthy, Xu Jihong pitcher rolled on The ground was out, Chen Zihao was out with a fly ball in the area, Chen Wenjie strike a strike in the discipline, the third foundation runner arrived again to rating, Zhou Was Siqi out ahead of house plate, and the brothers had been 9:2 Extended.

After 4 hits and 2 outs, Namo grounded into remaining subject, strike Zhang Zhengyu as a result of centre, and struck out Guo Tianxin.

Recreation 3 (Brothers 7: 2 Dragons)

On the 3rd, Yue Zhenghua strike to start with foundation, Wang Weichen built a shock bunt to type an infield hit, Jiang Kunyu landed a hit in center subject, Zhou Siqi strike the ideal industry slam, Brother 4:1 Long, Xu Jihong hit the proper field , Chen Zihao walked four terrible, Chen Wenjie Right discipline three-pointer, Brothers 7:01 Dragon, Fu Laixi still left subject fly ball out, Yue Donghua 2nd foundation floor ball out, Yue Zhenghua initially foundation ground ball out.

After 3 hits and 2 outs, Zhang Youming hit next foundation in appropriate field, Lin Zhisheng touched the ball and walked, Ji Li Ji Lao. Gong Guan strike via the center and the discipline, the second foundation runner arrived again to score, the 7:02 Extended brothers, Li Kaiwei 1st grounded out.

Zhou Siqi. (Image by reporter Lin Zhengkun)

Chen Wenjie. (Photograph by reporter Lin Zhengkun)

Chen Wenjie. (Photograph by reporter Lin Zhengkun)

Guo Yuzheng retired immediately after 3 rounds. (Photograph by reporter Lin Zhengkun)

Ji Li Ji Lao. Gong Guan hit 1 RBI. (Picture by reporter Lin Zhengkun)

next recreation

After 2 on and 2 out, Fu Laixi strike next foundation in remaining industry, and Yue Donghua was out with a fly ball.

After 2 hits and 2 outs, Lin Xiaocheng made 4 poor walks,Namo. Yiyang flew the ball out of correct subject.

Game 1 (Brothers :1 Dragon)

1st, right after two outs, Zhou Siqi hits among initial base and next foundation, and Xu Jihong grounds out at 2nd base.

1 strike, Guo Tianxin Yangchun Pao in proper discipline, the brothers :1 Prolonged, Zhang Youming was out with a fly ball in still left field, Lin Zhisheng was out with a fly ball in suitable subject,Ji Li Ji Lao. The Crown pitcher rolls out the floor.

Guo Tianxin. (Photo by reporter Lin Zhengkun)

CITIC BrothersLine up very first:

1st Bat, Weichen Wang, 3rd baseman
No. 2 Jiang Kunyu shortcut
The third adhere, Zhou Siqi specified strike
4th Heu Jihong first baseman
5th stick Chen Zihao outfielder to the ideal
Left fielder Chen Wenjie’s 6th at bat
Felicity’s 7th catcher
No. 8 Yue Donghua, 2nd baseman
No. 9 Yue Zhenghua center fielder

Beginning pitcher: Wu Zheyuan

Wei Quanlong hit the 1st line:

No. 1 Guo Tianxin, midfielder
2nd adhere Zhang Yuming outfielder Right
Lim Zhisheng’s 3rd Specified Strike
The 4th wand Ji Li Ji Lao.holder of a crown
5th Li Kaiwei Next Founder
6 bat Liu Jihong third baseman
7th stick Takanori Hayashi Still left fielder
Range 8 Namo.Yiyang 1st baseman
No. 9 Zhang Zhengyu shortstop

Starting up pitcher: Guo Yuzheng

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