Volcanic eruption while climbing… I love you all in my family, the guide who left a video

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In the midst of the recent eruption of the Lasca Volcano in the Chilean Andes Mountains, the story of a mountain guide who was hiking with tourists at the time was passed down. It is said that the guide sensed the crisis and filmed a video saying goodbye to his family.

According to the New York Times on the 13th (local time), Chilean mountain guide A said he had climbed Lasca Volcano more than 700 times while working as a guide for 17 years.

When the volcano erupted on the 10th, Mr. And on top of Mynydd Lasca with four French tourists. However, when the volcano suddenly erupted, they had to run unconditionally to survive.

Mr A said that the explosion happened around 12:30 pm “One of the tourists turned around to ask what the noise was coming from, and then a plume of smoke rose from the volcano.”

Veteran guide A, who has climbed this mountain hundreds of times, also took a video to say goodbye to his family, thinking he might die at this time. In the video, Mr A said, “The volcano has erupted. I’m next to the crater,” and said, “I love Andre. I love you, mom and dad.”

Fortunately, Mr A escaped safely and this video did not become his last greeting. Mr. said A, “My 17 years of experience saved me. It was an unbelievable blessing to go up here once a week.”

Authorities in Chale said there were no injuries from the explosion and that they would take safety measures for local residents and tourists.

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