Volleyball Association “Nothing has changed…Lee Jae-young and Da-young’s transfer ban policy still remains”

The position of the Korean Volleyball Association was firm.

Regarding the twin sisters Lee Jae-young and Da-young Lee, who are rumored to be transferred to PAOK in the Greek league, they have maintained their stance that foreign transfers are not allowed.

The Korean Volleyball Association said in a phone call with TV Chosun on the 24th, “I know that Lee Jae-young and Lee Da-young are pushing for a transfer to the Greek league, but the association’s policy of not allowing overseas transfers has not changed.”

In principle, in order for a domestic player to advance to an overseas stage, they must go through the process of issuing an International Transfer Agreement (ITC).

When all four of the original club, the original association, the transfer target club and the national association agree to the transfer procedure electronically, the ITC is issued according to the approval of the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB).

In the case of twin sisters, transfer is possible only with the consent of the third party after Heungkuk Life, the club to which they belong, renounced their player rights.

In fact, the Korean Volleyball Association held the key to the transfer.

According to the rules, the association will not allow transfers.

According to the ‘Regulations on International Transfer of Players’ created in 2016, foreign transfers can be restricted for players who cause social controversy.

An official from the association said, “Neither the players’ side, the PAOK club, nor the International Volleyball Federation have contacted the association. The association’s position is firm,” he asserted.

Previously, when it was revealed that the twin sisters were perpetrators of school violence, they lost their place in the V-League.

The Korean Volleyball Association banned the sisters’ national team qualifications indefinitely, and Heungkuk Life, the club they belonged to, was also suspended indefinitely.

In fact, overseas transfer was the only option, but unless the position of the association changes, even this is not expected to be easy.



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