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Volleyball Jung Ji-seok’s ex-girlfriend is not charged with illegal filming… Police “Can’t open the phone” (Overall)

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Jung, unable to forensic because he can’t remember his password… Some additional investigations including assault charges

(Suwon = Yonhap News) Reporter Lee Young-joo = Gyeonggi Suwon Nambu Police Station has decided not to disregard illegal filming of professional volleyball player Jung Ji-seok (26), who is under investigation for assaulting his ex-girlfriend and filming a video without consent. announced on the 31st.

Provided by the Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO)

Previously, Mr. A, Jung’s ex-girlfriend, allegedly assaulted him and secretly turned on his cell phone camera inside Jung’s house.

The police, who started the investigation, tried digital forensics to check if there were illegal recordings on Jung’s iPhone cell phone, but they could not unlock the phone, so they did not confirm the charges of violating the Special Act on the Punishment of Sexual Violence Crimes (photographing using cameras, etc.) couldn’t

The high-security iPhone is notorious for being difficult to unlock with a password.

Depending on the user’s settings, entering the wrong password 10 times may delete all data on the phone.

It is reported that Jung’s cell phone was kept by Mr. A and submitted to the police.

A police official said, “Jung could not remember the password of his cell phone and could not confirm the video to prove the charges, so we decided not to file the illegal filming charges. If not, we will have no choice but to run into technical limitations.”

The police forwarded the case to the prosecution with the opinion of indictment on the charge that Jung assaulted Mr. A at his home, but is investigating further as a supplementary investigation order is issued.

Jung is known to deny the allegations raised.

Meanwhile, Jung, the main striker of Korean Air in the men’s professional volleyball division, ranked 6th in scoring, 1st in attack success rate, and 2nd in serve in the 2020-2021 V-League regular league, leading the team to the team’s first integrated victory. took 7th place.

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