Vote analysis through the Budget Act 66 “Phumjai Thai” shows 77 votes in support of the government.

It’s over for the House of Representatives. to consider the draft The Budget Expenditure Act of the Fiscal Year B.E. 2566, amounting to 3.185 trillion baht, after The MPs have finished the discussion. and the Minister gave complete explanations in accordance with the specified time frame. After considering 3 days and 3 nights, the result showed that 278 members of the House of Representatives voted in favor, 194 votes against and 2 abstained.

Considered that the 2023 Budget Act proposed by the government with Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense And the Cabinet must be jointly responsible because it is a financial law. If it is not passed, the Prime Minister must “dissolve the Assembly” because it is the first presentation.

It appears that the “Agree” vote passed with the question, Where did the multitude of voices come from? that’s the meaning because it has political significance at the moment

It was politics at the end of the government. The rest of the time is a few months. It is a vote that sees the political direction in the next election that uses a 2 ballot system.

The government must enter the forum of no-confidence debate. Which will happen soon… Not long…

Votes that support the government now, every vote is valuable and meaningful. important to the government to measure the power to have the power to work for the people in the end including marijuana, hemp, and development of the public health system Infrastructure network system development to solve the problems of the people’s stomach After the epidemic situation of the Covid-19 virus has subsided.

In looking into the inside of the voting results, it was found that the Bhumjaithai Party who joined the government Was elected in 51 votes due to the political crisis of the Future Forward Party, causing more MPs to move the party into the Pride Thai Party. In total, there were 61 MPs, with 2 MPs having to stop performing their duties, leaving 59 MPs left.

From the examination of the vote in the 2023 Budget Expenditure Act, it was found that more MPs voted in the proportion of the Bhumjaithai Party from 59 seats to 77, making the Prime Minister and Minister of Government walk into consideration The Budget Act 2023 this time with confidence.

Insiders know that official voting results All these names appear. is the proportion of “Pride Thai Party”, which has its origins from various parties, including

“Phuea Thai Party” that voted “Agree”, 7 people, consisting of 1. Mrs. Phongsri Saejeung 2. Mr. Jaturong. Pengnoraphat 3. Mr. Teera Traisornkul 4. Mr. Niyom Changpinit 5. Chakraphat Chaisan 6. Suchart Pinyo 7. Mr. Wuttichai Kittithanesuan

The “Kao Kluai Party” that voted “Agree”, 4 people, consisting of 1. Mr. Karom Pholpornklang 2. Mr. Ekaphop Piansesert 3. Mr. Peeradej Khamsamut 4. Mr. Kwanlert Panichmat

Thai economy who voted “Agree” 3 people 1. Mr. Thanat Thaveekoolkit 2. Mr. Natthaphon Jarasrapiphong 3. Mr. Thanasit Kowsurat

Pride Thai Party (4 new arrivals) 1. Mr. Ekkarat Changlao 2. Mr. Wattana Changlao 3. Mr. Somsak Phankasem 4. Pornphimon Thamsan

This number is a political change in the future as it is equal to 18 people who participated in political events with the Bhumjaithai Party. formal Open and direct which will result in the Pride Thai Party There are currently 77 voices, a significant cost. who are ready to enter the election field next time plus ideology “For the people’s mouth” that has clear work “talk and do”, which has been successful in many matters, including “medical and economic marijuana”, “compensation for the VHV1,500 baht/month”, adding benefits as well ” Smart App for VHV.” “Free Dialysis, No Cost”, “30 baht, Treatment Everywhere”, Cancer Treatment Everywhere”, Developing Infrastructure “MRmap Connecting Transport, Land, Rail, Air”, Solving Debt of the NESDB “Relieve the burden of guarantors” helps farmers to have a better quality of life, against the “use of toxic chemicals in the agricultural sector” and new policies. That will happen according to the new slogan of the Bhumjai Thai Party, “Speak and do, Thai people must survive”. Both the selection of people and works .

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