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VR version “GTA SA” to appear in Oculus Quest 2 –Engadget Japanese version

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A VR version of the popular PS2 open world “Grand Theft Auto San Andreas” (hereafter: GTA SA) is now available for Oculus Quest 2. It was revealed at the Facebook event “Connect 2021”.

Details of the work will be released soon. Although the release time and images and videos of the work have not been released, Mr. Zuckerberg says, “We can present players with a new way to experience the open world in VR.”

Speaking of Oculus Quest 2, the VR version of PS2’s horror work “Resident Evil 4” has just started distribution, but I’d like to look forward to what kind of VR experience this work will be.


It seems that it’s scary enough to vomit, but … I’m not good at horror, but I tried playing the VR version of “Resident Evil 4”

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