‘V’s Charm Theory’ Why we have no choice but to love V

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BTS is at the top, but there are many unrealized possibilities for member V.

According to the cumulative data of Google Trends, V was the ‘most searched Asian on Google’ in the first half of 2022. It is difficult to list all the materials that explain its brand value. The Wikipedia page about him was more than 10 million views for the first time as a K-pop artist. His Instagram account gathered 50 million followers in the shortest period of time among users worldwide. Research organizations rate his Instagram account as having the highest advertising value, including Hollywood stars.

V’s role in BTS was clear even before his debut. A boy nicknamed ‘V-Secret Weapon’ because of his good looks and colorful talents, he said he was afraid of being taken away by a big agency. It sounds like a believable birth story, but this story was not convincing from the start. The punk style in BTS’s early ‘school trilogy’ was not a concept that suited everyone looking back now that each member’s individuality is well known. The music was also aimed at members of the rap and hip-hop lines.

Around 2015, when BTS started walking a popular path in music and style under the theme of ‘beauty and youth anxiety’, it was a time of breaking new ground for the group as well as for V’s career. The appearance was dark but not so tasteful , the elegant character and attitude shined the more the packaging was removed, and was even more powerful when romance was added as in the ‘The Most Beautiful Flower’ series. He loves animals and children, he often has a simple smile that doesn’t look like a regular winner on the ‘World’s Most Beautiful Man’ list off stage, he is loyal to his family, and his words are slurred but carefully selected usually sweet, so fans love and adore its innocence. .

The most difficult part in dealing with BTS in foreign media is the members’ loyalty to the ARMY. The relationship between BTS and ARMY is special even for Koreans who know that the characteristics of the K-pop idol fandom are more like fans than simple followers. The big success of BTS was, not by a big agency, as the result of an unprecedented popular culture project involving audience participation. The members also know that, so they always express their gratitude to ARMY.

In the process, V’s role as the ‘King of Communication’ played a big part. V is also referred to as ‘kin to Kim’ because of his vast network of people regardless of the field. Reporters and photographers who met him at the location often testify that they were surprised by ‘why that star is so genuinely interested in other people’. BTS, who rocked Jangan last year The same was true for the group’s cover photo shoot. His attitude towards liking people and love relationships also applies to his fans. It is active in two-way communication such as chat and creative events. It can be said that he is a star optimized for the SNS era, but there is a sincerity in his attitude towards fans that cannot be achieved through strategy alone. He is often misunderstood by those who envy BTS because of his annoying appearance with his fans or his sincerity in saying that he is not. However, for those who knew that it was the result of treating the fan as a communicative personality rather than a simple consumer, the small controversy was only an opportunity to strengthen the unity.

On the other hand, in the process of expanding BTS’s influence to the world, the attitude of ‘a pop star who doesn’t care about having a poster in my child’s room’ was effective. That’s why it is so meaningful to convey its value “I want to be proud of my actions.”

As an artist, V is an interesting unknown. You might wonder if this phrase is suitable for members of the best idol group in the world. Of course, BTS is the sum total of each member’s individuality, and it is a team that creates the best synergy when they are together. However, it is clear that some things need to be made as concessions in order to preserve the strengths and character of the colleagues. Unlike other idols who only try to change the concept slightly from pop to pop only for unit or solo activities, BTS members often show a big difference inside and outside the group.

For example, Suga is not a dance line in BTS, but he was praised for his dance in ‘That That’, which was released in collaboration with Psy, and J-Hope, who has a strong ‘choreography team leader’ character, returned to old school hip-hop in his solo album and compete with music instead of dancing. In the case of V, the deep bass that he heard in his own songs or cover songs is very attractive, but it is difficult to use that quality fully in group songs. It is also worth noting that his ‘Ipdeok video’, which recorded 140 million views on YouTube, is the ‘Poetry for Little Things’ platform. Although he is a performer who can perform intense choreography well, he has more charm in the relaxed and the wit that is revealed in the natural groove. If his sensibility, who likes jazz, deals with several wind instruments, and wants to write a song that will last a long time regardless of the fashion, is well combined with these talents, then there will be a unique platform for V, which is different from BTS. open Of course, fans have different expectations from him, and since it takes several months to produce a solo album, the members also advise, “Whether you succeed or fail, you must release album first, breaking perfection.” However, now that BTS is active in solo activities, everything imaginable is possible.

V said this at the end of the video announcing a break from group activities.

“Honestly, there are a lot of things I want to do. I have always wanted to show you what is inside me, musically and outside of music, but at some point I felt that this idea was wrong. So I was careful what I wanted to do. When the opportunity comes, I want to show a lot of V. Instead of doing nothing and resting, I will become a person who can show different aspects, so give it a lot of love.”

drama (2016), the opportunity to act has been constantly coming to him. He is also expected to be active in the fashion world. The brand’s interest in him is not just because he is a global celebrity. Rather than a typical handsome man, he has a distinct personality, deep expressionless expression, and is the best model who can wear different styles. It’s time to watch the debut of a new artist and style icon V, not BTS’ V.

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