Vtuber’s golden ship “PAKA Tube!” Official channel subscription will hit “The Horse Girl” in March | 4Gamers

Yes, “Gold Ship” (ゴールドシップ|Gold Ship) can be regarded as an active Vtuber to some extent. On the occasion of the TV animation broadcast in April 2018, as the official ambassador, the cute golden ship Ma Niang (CV. Hitomi Ueda) opened the official “PAKA Tube!” in the form of Vtuber (ぱかチューブっ) !) The channel debuted, and now with the launch of the game, the number of subscriptions to the channel has further exploded by more than 250%.

According to Playboard data records, two days before the launch of the game “Pretty Derby” on February 22, the number of subscriptions to “PAKA Tube!” was still slowly growing at 63,000, and the number of subscriptions was released the next day following the official promotion. It began to surge, and as of today, it has reached 162,000, and the number of Twitter followers has also skyrocketed.

Of course, the Golden Ship Ma Niang is not like Vtuber of other firms in the industry, but Cygames is an official promotional channel operated by the corporate brand. The channel mainly uses the horse racing knowledge and role introduction related to the “Race Horse Girl Pretty Derby” IP. the Lord.

At the same time, “PAKA Tube!” subscriptions have exploded, partly because the game was launched after three years. The high-level game content and community voices have helped the “PAKA Tube!” .

Pretty Derby was officially launched in Japan on February 24. Overseas players must use a VPN to play. The DMM platform is also launching a PC version today. .


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