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Vulgar Marriage | The bridegroom blindfolds his wife to become stronger, kisses the bridesmaid and the bridesmaid does not resist the bride to cover her mouth and laugh-Sky News-Family-Home

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Vulgar marriage incidents are reported from time to time in the mainland. Recently, a couple suspected that they were playing games when picking up the bride. The groom was asked to blindfold and find the bride. As a result, the person who admitted the wrong gave the bridesmaid a kiss by mistake, but the bridesmaid did not resist and the bride laughed. The behavior of stepping on the border has aroused heated discussion among netizens, and even questioned the relationship between each person.

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Vulgar nuisance marriage|The bride was surrounded by male guests and touched her chest, unbearably humiliated, got up a series of kicks and drove the guests, the details are now:[Next page]

According to comprehensive internal media reports, a couple of newlyweds in Zhuji, Zhejiang had their wedding on the 4th of last month, during which they played games. It can be seen from the circulated film that the groom is asked to cover his eyes with a red cloth, find the wife among the bride and the many bridesmaids, and must kiss the chosen person after choosing, even if the other party is not the bride.

Just as the bridegroom was about to successfully select the bride, everyone pushed a bridesmaid out to stand in front of him. The bridegroom hugged her and pressed her on the bed. Without hesitation, he leaned over and kissed each other. The bridesmaid did not resist at all. Smiles embarrassingly. As for the bride when she saw her husband kissing a friend, she didn’t feel angry or stopped her, but she laughed with her mouth in the back.

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When the bridegroom was about to kiss the bridesmaid, there was actually a best man reminding him that “the bride has a veil”, but he didn’t seem to hear it until he took off his blindfold and learned the truth. Then he continued to cover his mouth and laugh.

Netizens questioned deliberately: there is no moral bottom line

After seeing the film, many netizens criticized such marital disturbances as being too vulgar, and doubted that they would affect the relationship between husband and wife. Some people pointed out that the bride or just forced a smile. In addition, some netizens pointed out that the bride was wearing a traditional dress and the bridesmaid was wearing a Western-style strapless one-piece dress. The dressing of the two was obviously different. They questioned whether the bridegroom deliberately kissed the bridesmaid by mistake, and the bridesmaid did not resist or avoid it, or had a relationship with the bridegroom. It’s not simple. In the end, some people think that the incident is hype, but it was deliberately arranged by the people in the film.

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Vulgar nuisance marriage|Getting the bride’s iron chain to tie the neck to play with the groom’s key lost, the cutting machine horribly cuts off relatives and friends just laugh, see the details:[Next page]

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