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“Vulgar Taiwan” Actress Married to a Chinese Conglomerate, Decided to Divorce

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Xu Xiyuan, the actress who played the female lead in the Taiwanese version of Boys Over Flowers, and Wang Xiaofei, a Chinese businessman, ended up breaking up.

The Taiwan Free Times reported on the 22nd that Xu Xiyuan and Wang Xiaofei issued a joint statement through their legal representatives and announced the decision to divorce.

“After serious and careful consideration, we have decided to end our marriage peacefully,” said the couple.
Earlier this month, the Internet version of the Taiwanese weekly Jingjoo reported that Xu Xiyuan filed a divorce suit against her husband Wang Xiaofei at the Taipei District Court in Taiwan earlier this month.

The two agreed to discuss issues such as asset allocation and child rearing, including a house worth NT$600 million (about 25.6 billion won) in Xu Xiyuan’s name and 350 million won (15.9 billion won) related to a hotel run by Wang Xiaofei in Taipei. Jingju said that he did.

They married in 2011 and have two children. At the time of the marriage announcement, Xu Xiyuan drew attention by showing off her extraordinary affection, saying, “I fell in love with my husband the moment I met him for the third time.” Even after marriage, the two appeared together in various entertainment programs and showed off the qualities of a lovebird couple.

It was around last June that signs of a crack appeared in the two people who were very close. This is because Wang Xiaofei, a Chinese person, has become controversial for remarks that seem to demean his wife Xu Xiyuan’s nationality, Taiwan.
Wang Xiaofei, who was doing business in China at the time and traveled to and from Taipei with his family, said on his Weibo, “It’s really shameful and vulgar” and “this is the difference between China and Taiwan”, referring to the situation in Taiwan, where the vaccine penetration rate is lower than in China. .

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Media reports that Xu Shiyuan was angry with her and demanded a divorce from her husband, and rumors of breaking up broke out. At the time, an aide of Xu Xiyuan said, “The two have often quarreled because of political differences.

By Kim Eun-bin, staff reporter [email protected]


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