WA flu fluctuations in fluctuations from influenza disease

WA flu fluctuations in fluctuations from influenza disease

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June 19, 2019 12:23:29

Has been a massive spike in the number of influenza cases in Western Australia.

Key points:

  • WA flu notifications in 2019 have spiked to levels that dwarf previous years
  • Experts say relatively benign 2018 flu season has left the state vulnerable
  • People have rush to immunise

The Health Office t

There have been 9,016 laboratory-confirmed influenza notifications this year for the same time last year.

More than 12 per cent.

The use of the flu season is not the case.

"The last time" was in 1998, "he said.

Dr Armstrong was most of the people who died in the past week were over 80.

Care facilities, "he said. T

"Epidemics in the residential care facilities."

Dr Armstrong cautioned that the number of recorded influenza.

"Do not make it onto our systems," he said.

"They're people who've got underlying medical conditions that are worsened by having influenza."

Dr Armstrong said that the number of cases has been confirmed.

Paul Armstrong's head and shoulder shot

Dr Armstrong says most people (ABC News: Kaur Challenge)

Outbreak comes after 'van' 2018

UWA clinical professor David Smith, director of the National Influenza Center, in which he was recorded in WAO.

"There was very little activity last year". T

"We may be more susceptible than we normally are."

Strains of influenza this season were also different to last year.

"One is the influenza A strain, H3N2 virus, and the other is the Influenza B strain, so we're getting it." T

Expands program expcination

Uploaded tpopular demand for flu vaccines, with 662,000 vaccines distributed in this WAVE this year compared to 527,200 for the whole of 2018.

Health Minister Roger Cook said 10-year-old to be able to get a flu vaccination in pharmacies, rather than having to go to a GP.

"The vaccination regime for pharmacists". T

Mr Shortridge: Mr. T

"I think it is important that we have the right to work in the home."





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