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‘Wada’ explains the use of the Thai flag through ‘Aiba’ in the World Boxing Championships

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‘Wada’ explains the use of the Thai flag through ‘Aiba’ in the World Boxing Championships

According to the announcement of the World Anti-Doping Agency: WADA – Wada does not endorse Thailand. Because the statute of the World Anti-Doping Organization has not yet been complied with. in the field of law enforcement which is known In the process of considering amendments to the Sports Banned Substance Control Act B.E. 2555 in order to meet international standards. by the Office of the Council of State

The Amateur Boxing Association of Thailand has informed that in sending athletes to participate in the 2021 World Boxing Championships in Serbia Now there is an issue of the Thai flag in athlete’s attire. causing athletes to not be able to wear clothes with the Thai flag In such a case, Dr. Kongsak Yodmanee, Governor of the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT), was not calm. and expedite coordination towards Wada and the International Amateur Boxing Federation (Aiba) for clarity. and does not affect the representative of the Thai national team

Dr. Kongsak said that after urgent coordination This is good news that both agencies have discussed. and clarified through SAT that athletes can wear national flags for attire, however, there is no parade in the competition. Therefore, the national flag is not displayed. and also unable to display the flag symbol in the competition area

The governor of SAT added that from Wada’s announcement It is known that measures and eliminations that Wada has on Thailand. at a light level and has been greatly reduced. Thailand abides by the Constitution of Wada strictly, continuously and has been assessed satisfactorily. Only the law that must be adjusted to meet the standards that Wada can certify for accuracy and can be implemented in the same direction in other sports competitions

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