Wafer duo, shipping stocks face green Taiwan stocks washed up and down 43 points to close at 17078 points | Anue Juheng-Taiwan Stock Market Trend

As expected, the U.S. will start to reduce debt purchases, encouraging Dow Jones to turn red to a new high. Taiwan stocks opened high today (4) and once overcome the 17,200 point barrier, but after midday, the pigs and sheep changed color again. Both the Shuangxiong and the shipping stocks saw selling pressure, dragging the index down and down 43.3 points, closing at 17,078.86 points, close to the 5-day line, with a transaction value of 308.419 billion yuan.

Observing the performance of foundry stocks, TSMC’s stock price fluctuated and fell by nearly 1% today, and ended at 587 yuan, falling below the monthly and semi-annual lines; UMC fell by more than 1%, and the world fell by more than 5%. In terms of other electronic weight stocks, MediaTek, Largan, ASE Investment Holdings, Realtek, etc. all fluctuated and fell; Delta, Hon Hai, and Yageo were relatively supportive.

Shipping stocks continued to lose momentum today. The container duo opened up more than 3% in the early trading session, but selling pressure emerged in the late trading, and they continued to fall by more than 2%. Wanhai still rose 1.7% at the end; , Today’s share price plunged by more than 4%; Taiwan Shipbuilding, Zhixin, Siwei Airlines, and Zhaitong are also under heavy selling pressure. However, the airline duo benefited from the traditional cargo season and performed relatively strong, with EVA Air rising 1.4%.

In terms of high-priced stocks, the top three thousand gold stocks of King Silicon Power-KY, Xinhua, and Liwang all rose more than 2%. Xiangshuo, AES-KY, Wivy, Jingce, etc. also attracted funds to settle in, Worldchip-KY and Fubon Media is relatively weak. As for the panel stocks that rebounded yesterday, AUO once stood back at 20 yuan today, but the short side was stronger, and the final shock fell by nearly 2%, while Innolux’s gains converged to within 1%.

Chemical stocks attracted capital. Among them, Sinochem’s stock price has soared recently, and the stocks listed on the stock exchange surpassed the price limit today, reaching 46.95 yuan; Sanfuhua paid 518 million yuan in revenue in October, a monthly increase of 32% , An annual increase of 90.75%, hitting a single-month high, the stock price simultaneously lit the daily limit, and Sanhuang also attacked the upward limit. In addition, Yongguang, Changxing, etc. all performed on the market.


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