Wai, throw back the heart Have you ever dated someone in Kamikaze? My first love was this guy… I know and scream!

Wai Panthisa reminisces about the heart When I was Kamikaze Reveal this young man … Is the first fan of each item still kept Know who it is and scream!

Honestly admit that now my heart is 100 percent single for a hot young singer. panthisa rattan After breaking up with girlfriend Mino Parrella, who has been dating for over 7 years because different people have different goals. Therefore, I would like to use this opportunity to achieve my own goals and dreams.

Read the news: Wai Panthisa broke up with her boyfriend and revealed the reason for the end of love for 7 years. Now my heart is single.

Wai Panthisa has recently done a Q&A content through the YouTube channel WAII, ready to answer all the questions that fans want to know, who, since being single, also chose questions about past love to answer it too. such as the question “Who was the one who sent the roses to the rattan on Valentine’s Day in Kamikaze?”

Wai replied that at the time he was alone. That young man is Tomo Keotic, who would like to open his mind for the first time. “We were getting along” Although they say that they have always been close friends, but now that they have grown up, they can say that they used to be together. Ready to say that “He likes me, I like him.” It was fun then. This is the first love, the first love will be excited about everything. All the items were still there, Tomo knew.

At the moment, being close friends can talk about everything Talking about the past is such a beautiful thing. not stressed at all I want everyone to know that dating in the past was really fun, we talked for 2 years, we were together for about 3 years, 5 years total.

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Thanks for information from WAII.

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