Wait, chemical leak from Nakhon Pathom factory You can control it!

Wait, chemical leak from Nakhon Pathom factory You can control it! Willing to follow up on progress and conduct a thorough investigation to find the cause again

September 22, 2022 – Mr Wanchai Phanomchai, Director General of the Department of Industrial Works (GOR) revealed that Korn received a report of a chemical spill from Indorama Company Limited during the morning of September 22, 2022, from Indorama Polyester Industries Public Company Limited (Indorama Polyester Industries PCL.) Petchkasem Road, Khun Kaew Sub-District, Nakhon Chai Si District Nakhon Pathom Province The area around the factory is surrounded by rice fields. It is located approximately 400 meters from the community. According to information, it is known that there has been a wide variety of foul smells from 06.15 am. At the time of the incident, there were high vapours, no smoke, no sparks.

Mr Wanchai said the SEC had sent a group of rapid operations to measure air quality. The factory area and around the factory radius of 1 kilometer at 2:00 pm found that the benzene content did not exceed 1 ppm, which was still within the standard. that must not exceed 5 ppm and keep Water samples from public waterways within a radius of 10 kilometers around the factory were also used to measure contaminants.At first, there were no injuries or deaths. The value of the damage cannot be examined or assessed. It is expected to be caused by a chemical leak, but the factory managed to close the valve at the point of the leak at around 06.35 and the situation was under control. but smells are still spreading widely in the area including the Bangkok border area

“About the effects of the chemicals that were lost If it is inhaled in large quantities It can cause respiratory irritation. If the smell persists, wear a mask or wear protective equipment. and should be in a well ventilated place But from assessing the general situation and air values ​​measured around the factory It should not be a problem however After checking with the Nakhon Pathom Provincial Industrial Office, the provincial industry An order to temporarily stop the factory first. If it is checked thoroughly and clearly knows the cause of the leak along with amendments until the safety standard So it can continue to work,” said Mr Wanchai.

Richanon Aiyapanya, Secretary to the Minister of Industry He said that the chemicals leaked It’s a factory in Phutthamonhon Sai 7. From the investigation of experts, it was found that the chemical that was leaked was named Diphenyl Oxide 73% and Biphenyl 27%, which are substances that do not have are produced directly by the production process. But it is a substance caused by Hot Oil or heat transfer oil leaks. caused a pungent smell and the sour smell spread to the vicinity within a radius of about 5 kilometers

“If the health of the chemicals that were lost affects people, the factory will be responsible for everyone but if there is a denial of responsibility by the Ministry of Industry Ready to follow up and claim compensation for the people who have suffered for sure,” he said They roared.

However, Indorama Polyester Industries Company Registration No. 10730000425348 [3-22(1)-4/34นฐ] is a PET fiber and pellet Producer factory located on 90 Ra of land with a capacity of 120,000 tonnes of polyester fibers per year and 29,000 tonnes of recycled plastic pellets per year to serve customers in various markets such as clothing, textiles, fibers and products used in industry, etc.

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