Wait for the announcement! Boosting the 4th needle covid vaccine, the Ministry of Health recommends the SV+SV+AZ formula for Astra injection

The National People’s Democratic Party Boosts the 4th Needle Covid Vaccine. Wait for the announcement! MOPH recommends SV+SV+AZ formula for Astra injection

on January 12 Dr. Opas Karnkawinpong, MD. Director-General of the Department of Disease Control Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) gave an interview In the case of vaccination against COVID-19, the 4th injection (booster dose) that Currently, the Ministry of Health requires medical personnel Frontline personnel on duty to take care of people infected with COVID-19 people with underlying disease Chronic diseases in which the body’s immune system declines faster than those who are physically healthy, such as the elderly, people who take immunosuppressant drugs, etc. These groups need to receive continuous immunization, which in the past has already received the 3rd dose.

Dr. Opas said The Subcommittee on Immunization has resolved that If receiving the 3rd dose of astraZeneca vaccine can get the 4th needle as Astra or Pfizer or Moderna Yes, and those who receive the 3rd needle as Pfizer, receive the 4th needle as Pfizer or Moderna.

“However As for the fifth needle, if we have to inject it, we also prepare it. As for those who are physically strong but received the 3rd needle already. Subcommittee Will consider again when to officially receive the 4th needle.said Dr. Opas.

The reporter asked For those who have received 3 doses of vaccination, the formula (SV+SV+AZ) is 2 doses of Sinovac, followed by Astra. What type of 4th vaccination should be given? Dr. Opas said. If receiving the 4th dose, it is recommended to use the Astra vaccine.


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