Waiting for my grandson to be ordained! He left ‘Queen Elizabeth’s Secret Letters’ in Sydney, unread until 2085

Another mystery story involves Queen Elizabeth II of England, who once had a “secret” secretary left for the residents of Sydney in Australia. and strongly urged, “Do not read at all” until 2085

Her Majesty the Queen, who died on Thursday September 8 ago. Aged 96, this royal letter was issued in 1986 to commemorate the restoration of the Queen Victoria Building, which took place the same year.

The building was built in 1898 and was named after Queen Victoria. and is considered one of Sydney’s most famous buildings.

Queen Elizabeth II entrusts a sealed letter to the Mayor of Sydney. and he had a royal voice saying: “On the date you think is appropriate in 2085, open this letter and read it. and inform the citizens of Sydney as well.”

Although the message in the royal letter remains a secret But there are speculations that he would be grateful to the residents of Sydney for preserving and renovating the historic building. After it was almost demolished to make a car park.

In 1986, a Malaysian company entered into a 99-year lease for the Queen Victoria Tower, ending in 2085, just as the Queen’s letter was read.

Today, this royal manuscript is kept within the dome of the Queen Victoria Building. which prohibits outsiders from entering

Source: New York Post.

The Queen Victoria Building in Sydney (Image: Wikipedia)