Waiting to cheer him up!! Thai women compete in rugby sevens Asia Rugby Sevens Series

This weekend Come and explode the fun with a 7-man rugby battle, “Asia Rugby Sevens Series”, join in supporting the Thai women’s rugby team. he won the Asian Championship

Get ready to explode the fun of the 7-man rugby battle, “Asia Rugby Sevens Series”, a premium 7-man rugby game. The biggest in Asia Between 22-23 Oct. This at Bunyachinda Stadium. The Thai women’s team sings the seed along with “Japan” and “Kazakhstan”, but is not afraid to capture the original target for 1 of 3 of the first stage.

Asian Rugby Federation Organized the Asian Rugby Sevens Championship “Asia Rugby Sevens Series”, the top division of rugby in Asia. To compete in 3 fields, with the first field, the Asian Rugby team has joined the Football Rugby Association of Thailand under the Royal Patronage. The competition was held between 22-23 October 2022 at Bunyachinda Stadium. The second field was held in South Korea. and the third field is hosted in the United Arab Emirates by the “Asia Rugby Sevens Series” at the top of the division, with 7 teams in the men’s team category: Japan, Hong Kong, China, Philippines, Malaysia, South Korea and the United Arab Emirates, oat The women’s team category includes Japan, Hong Kong, China, Philippines, Malaysia, Kazakhstan and Thailand.

Recently, there was a draw in the competition according to the Asian Ranking It seems that the Thai women’s team, which is fifth in Asia, is in the A line with Japan, Kazakhstan and the Philippines, while the B line has China, Hong revealed Kong and Malaysia from “Coach Lek” Suparat Alphat, the coach of the Thai women’s rugby team, that it was quite a difficult game. Because the Thai team is on the line that is quite strong. Also, having to play the first round of 3 games, our athletes may be tired. while the other line has only 3 teams, which means that each team only plays 2 games, which has now adjusted the practice time late Because it will coincide with the first game of Gwlad Thailand to enter the field against Kazakhstan at 11.40 am. Regarding the readiness of the athletes, everyone is fully prepared and fully fit.

Suparat Alphat also revealed that 12 athletes have now been cut, along with the new tactics that will be used this year. is not to focus on the big striker but will focus on forwards who are more agile And the style of the game will not focus on confrontational play. but he will use the method of shooting the ball to find the attacking area As for the defenders, each of them is a rising star with speed. will be the highlight of the Thai women’s team Dal is confident that it will be 1 in 3 for sure.

For the list of 12 Thai national team female athletes who will fight at the continental level this time, which includes Uthumphon Liamrat, Thanatphon Wandee, Passorn Jangjood, Panphatsa Jaicharim, Jirawan Chutrakul, Rattanaporn Wittayayuth, Pannarai Chaimongkol, Thanapor Thanapor, Nantyapor, Wanree Meechok, Jeeraporn Phibunnanon and Raksina Nawakaew.

Interested parties can come and watch live. at Bunyachinda Stadium There are 2 entrance fees, the first price is 200 baht, it can be seen for 1 day, and the ticket is 300 baht, it can be seen for 2 days, and the tickets will be sold in front of the stadium. There will also be live coverage throughout the game via Facebook “Thai Rugby Union” “Asia Rugby” and “Main Stand”.


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