Waiting to see “Geminids Meteor Shower” tonight, December 13 to the morning of December 14.

countdown wait and see The Geminid meteor shower will end the year 64 starting at 8 p.m. on the night of December 13 until the morning of December 14, with a maximum rate of 150 meteors per hour. Suggest a dark place no light and look northeast of the horizon

Today (December 9, 2021), Mr. Suparerk Krihanon, head of the Academic Service in Astrophysics, said that after midnight on December 13 until the morning of December 14, a meteor shower will occur. Minids or a meteor shower, a pair of stars The center is scattered around the binary star. The maximum fall rate is about 150 moons per hour. A pair of constellations will appear from the horizon. From about 20:00 on the 13th of December in the northeast

On that night, there will be disturbances from the 10 lunar lunar phases in the first phase of the phenomenon. It is recommended to watch after the moon has gone behind the horizon, around 02:00 on the 14th of December until dawn.

As for the place to see the meteor shower, choose a completely dark place. no disturbing lights and can be seen all around should sleep with the naked eye because of the meteor shower scattered across the sky

for the Geminid meteor shower Occurs during the 4-17 December of every year due to the movement of the earth to intersect with streams of rubble. and large and small dust particles at asteroid Fethon left while moving through the inner solar system when the world orbits through such a path Gravity pulls dust and rock into the Earth’s atmosphere, creating flashes of light. or sometimes a large fireball called (Fireball)

Meteor showers are different from ordinary meteors. is a meteor that has a direction like coming from a point One in the sky is called the center of distribution. when the center of distribution is at or close to which constellation will call the name of the meteor shower according to the constellation

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