Walk into the RYODAN Showroom 2023 spring and summer series preview

RYODAN Showroom under Seiya Nakamura 2.24 held a spring/summer 2023 media preview event at its office on the Bund in Shanghai on November 25, and joined hands with five collaborative designer brands including CFCL, Courrèges, DESTREE, Mame Kurogouchi and Marine Serre to present the Spring/summer 2023 new summer Series. Among them, the CFCL VOL.5 series takes “weaving vessels: a blueprint for the future” as the theme, and reinterprets the aesthetics of contemporary life fabric; the powerful concept of passing time inspired Nicolas Di Felice’s spring and summer 2023 series designed for Courrèges; Mame The Kurogouchi Spring/Summer 2023 series is inspired by the bamboo woven objects that contain the origin of rich history and culture, and explores the various weaving techniques in the evolution and development of bamboo woven objects; A unique interpretation of “état d’esprit (realm of the soul)”; and the DESTREE logo handbag combines simple totems and unique ideas, combining colors harmoniously to each piece through various asymmetrical structures, the details of the work.

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