Walkle → Glass body fall.. Ten Hagh, worried about the defender who came to Manchester United and ruined it

[OSEN=강필주 기자] Manchester United manager Eric Ten Haach, who is working hard to revive Manchester United, has been troubled by Rafael Varane (29), who was once regarded as the best defender in the world.

Center back Varane joined Manchester United from Real Madrid last summer. Baran, who has won La Liga 3 times and the Champions League 4 times in his career, wore the French national team uniform and enjoyed the highest honors as a player, such as winning the 2018 Russia World Cup and the 2020-2021 Nations League.

Manchester United signed Varane for £34m. He wanted Harry Maguire and Manchester United to take on a strong central defense. Manchester United believed they would bring Jadon Sancho from Dortmund to attack and the attack and defense would be the perfect match.

But Varane had the worst season of all time last season. According to the Manchester Evening News in England, Varane was on the disabled list for 95 out of 282 days last season. That means he hasn’t appeared in more than a third of Manchester United’s matches.

Baran, who started with a groin injury, missed three matches against Leicester City from the 8th round in October last year. He returned to play against Tottenham, but this time had to take another long break due to a hamstring injury. The media lamented that Varane played only four games against the top six last season. In the end, it indirectly helped Spurs reach fourth place.

“There are suspicions that Varane may not be the player Manchester United wanted. It is disappointing that his injury record has deteriorated,” the media said. . He also said, “Director Ten Haach doesn’t seem to believe in Baran’s health.”

It is also the reason why Manchester United signed Lisandro Martinez. Martinez sees a good match with Maguire as a left-footed centre-back. /


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