Wanchai pointed out that the resolution was 500 after Uranus moved. Forgive the pardon compared to telling Miao, when accidentally having an issue

on July 7 Mr. Wanchai Sonsiri A senator (senator) posted an essay on Uranus is moving today. Start shaking from the Council of 500 divided

“Uranus moved into Taurus today at 2:26 p.m. It started shaking since last night, from 100 dividing to 500 dividing, this is the beginning of the movement of Uranus, anything can happen. As it is a secret, deceitful, disguised thing that may or may not be true. That may not be the case. It appears clearly, it can be seen that 100 dividing becomes 500 dividing, and from 500 dividing may not become 100. Dividing is also possible…

500 divided is Jupiter and the deadly, the mighty, the powerful. Uranus is possessed, annihilation, dukkha, anatta 100 divided into the sun and death Uranus, both power and power. The position of Anajja, Wata, Sankhara arises, stands, and ceases, like the Act on the end of the alley, starting from death over the city and then escalating for a long time. But this is deadly moving, Rahu resides, so it’s a secret that by law In principle, it is not constitutional. But if it’s about survival, it’s the best according to political science, as you can see. the family of Wan Kruea turbocharged in different directions

Negligence is the path of death, death from power, death from the land. Thaksin has already found it because it’s deadly. When he is careless, he immediately attacks. and each star that is a satellite of Wan Khrua various warriors are ready to pound when it hurts And it’s starting from 100 to 500, and maybe 108 more to follow.

You have to pray and pay your respects to the Buddha. otherwise you will not survive Even Governor Chatchat Sitthiphan came to preside over to pray at Wat Kai Tia, Taling Chan District on July 9, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. onwards for peace and quiet. Is it Rahu or deadly? various stars must be destroyed The authority must be conscious. inconsistent with power not arrogant with power Death spell Invite everyone to work together.”

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