Wang Ji-won, a ‘ballet couple’ getting married on the 2nd of next month, said, “After dating for two years, they became indispensable to each other.”

Wang Ji-won’s Instagram

Actor Wang Ji-won (34, left in the photo) shared his thoughts about getting married.

On the 21st, Wang Ji-won posted a wedding photo shoot with her prospective groom, ballerino Park Jong-seok (31, right) on Instagram on the 21st and said, “Thank you so much for your interest and congratulations.” We got to know each other and became a relationship, dating for two years and becoming indispensable to each other.”

He continued, “More than anything else, I was so grateful and grateful for the feeling of loving me, caring for me, loving me, and always supporting me by my side. It was so good that we could understand and empathize with each other as a common field, and communicate well with the same thoughts and hearts, and we were able to rely on each other more.”

In addition, “I promised to spend the rest of my life with the prospective groom who worried, comforted, and always stood by me, and we got married in February.” said.

He further said, “I will live a happy and beautiful life.”

The day before, his agency SH Media Corp said, “Mr. Jiwon Wang met a precious relationship and will be married for a hundred years in some place in Seoul on February 6th. ” has been reported.

Wang Ji-won, who debuted through the KBS 2TV drama ‘Shut Up Family’ in 2012, appeared in KBS2’s ‘Good Doctor’ and tvN’s ‘I Need Romance’ season 3 the following year, MBC’s ‘I love you like fate’ (over 2014), and SBS’ ‘Divorce Lawyer is a Romance’ Middle School’ (2015) and ‘Thirty but Seventeen’ (2018). He is currently filming the Studio Genie drama ‘There is no Goo Pil Soo’.

Jiwon Wang graduated from Seonhwa Arts Middle School in Seoul and received a bachelor’s degree from the Royal Ballet School in England and the Dance Academy of Korea National University of Arts. In 2020, he also opened a ballet academy named after him. His father is Wang Jung-hong, former director of the Defense Acquisition Program Administration (64), and his maternal grandfather is the late Chairman Yang Jeong-mo, the founder of an international group.

After graduating from the Kirov Ballet Academy in Washington, Jong-seok Park worked at Washington and Pennsylvania Ballet and Universal Ballet. Since 2016, she has been working as a principal dancer with the National Ballet.

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