Want a budget friendly mainstream gaming graphics card? Note the Intel Arc A750

Recently, Intel’s entry into the external GPU market has attracted attention as a new attempt by Intel.

Intel’s new external GPU has the name Intel Arc, and two products, A750 and A770, were released last year.

Both products are not flagship GPUs released to target 4K gamers or the highest performance environment, but are currently emerging as third choices as mainstream products.

Among them, the A750 product is a situation worth choosing as it is priced at a more affordable price with performance comparable to the competitors’ mainstream. In particular, it has a cost-effectiveness that needs to be addressed in terms of recent game performance.

So, in this article, let’s look at the information about the Intel Arc A750 and its gaming performance.

■ Intel Arc A750, basic performance check

Although some without references have been released for the current Intel Arc A750, in fact, at the moment they need to be purchased as official references. So, it is said in advance that the test product is based on Intel Arc A750 Limited Edition.

The Intel Arc A750 is exactly a mid-range model in the currently released Arc line, and as mentioned earlier, it is an external graphics card targeting the mainstream environment, FHD resolution or QHD resolution.

It has a hardware ray tracing unit so that not only ray tracing can be used, but also an XMX matrix engine unit is included to accelerate the work of AI that has recently emerged and use Intel’s XeSS, a technology for ensuring performance upgrades that are useful in games.

This XeSS can be actively used in various new games as support is seriously expanding in the latest games.

Then, let’s look at the most basic 3D performance using the 3DMark benchmarking tool.

The test environment was conducted with Intel Core i9-13900KF, DDR5 6000MHz 32GB, Gigabyte Z790 Aorus Elite AX, and Windows 11 environment.

The 3DMark test includes a DirectX-based Firestrike, a Vulcan Wildlife test, and a ray tracing test, and is the result of testing all of them.

In terms of the overall 3D performance, it was possible to see that scores were achieved in the FHD environment, and even in the QHD environment.

In addition, as mentioned earlier, the hardware ray tracing unit is installed, so you can enjoy games that actively use ray tracing. However, given the limitations of the basic mainstream GPU, it’ n hard to secure frames in games that use ray tracing too much It doesn’t seem easy.

In addition, we also conducted an upscaling performance test using XeSS, and when testing based on QHD, the higher quality can see a performance increase of about 50%.

It seems possible to achieve even higher performance below that, so it’s a very useful skill and it seems that more expectations can be had in the game.

■ The Arc A750’s gaming performance will satisfy mainstream gamers

I played recently released games using the Arc A750.

If you check the performance of each game, it seems natural that the 4K resolution actually shows a lack of playability. Of course, some games show that 60 frames are also secured, but it’s not easy.

QHD resolution seems to be the start of the environment to really enjoy it, and it actually shows the most suitable appearance for FHD.

Despite the fact that the test was conducted with the highest quality settings, you can see quite satisfactory results at a level that does not interfere with play.

Some games even make full use of ray tracing, but there are games that are close to 60 frames or more than 60 frames.

In addition, in the case of games that support XeSS upscaling technology, much higher performance can be achieved.

■ Arc A750, step by step towards a brighter future

The Intel Arc series has just begun. In fact, it is always a feature of the first generation model, and it is impossible not to see that the driver is unstable or other bugs occur.

However, recently, Intel has been putting a lot of effort into this GPU arc to the point of constantly updating drivers more than twice a month, and the drivers are believed to have stabilized significantly compared to with the initial release and has entered into usable use. level.

Additionally, despite being a mainstream graphics card, it is the only mainstream graphics card that supports hardware ray tracing units and integrates the latest Intel GPU technologies.

In addition, although it is not revealed in the text, the fact that it has a performance similar to that of a work GPU that can be used in creative environments, such as AV1 encoder support, is spreading, and that is the Intel Arc A750 model . attract more attention.

In the future, it is expected that performance will be further ensured with continuous driver updates, and it is believed that this Intel Arc GPU will have a bright future with more full support from Intel.

So, if you want to decorate a mainstream PC, or if you are thinking of a mainstream gaming graphics card with cost-effectiveness to play the latest games, why not pay attention and choose the Intel Arc A750 ?


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