Want more than 3,000 budget to buy mobile phones with performance and appearance? Take a look at OnePlus Ace Pro_Configuration_Processor_Lifespan

Original title: Want more than 3,000 budget to buy cell phones with performance and appearance? Check out the OnePlus Ace Pro

[Marchnad ffonau symudol yn Tsieina]Now that the time has come to mid-October, and there are more than two months left before 2023, many people have plans to change their mobile phones at the end of the year. But looking at the flagship models released by major manufacturers, the price of 7,000 or 8,000 is really unacceptable, and the low-priced 1,000 yuan machine is not acceptable, so 3,000 to 4,000 yuan becomes a lot of People’s psychological price buys mobile phones. Today, Mobile China will recommend a strong player at this price point – OnePlus Ace Pro.

OnePlus Ace Pro

This phone is a benchmark for the same price in terms of configuration, appearance and photography. As for the core processor, OnePlus Ace Pro has a new generation of Snapdragon 8+ mobile platform. The biggest feature of this processor is that it can consider low power consumption and high performance, which makes it suitable for everyday use. and high intensity games. It can bring great experience to users.

In addition to a powerful processor, a large memory is also an essential configuration. OnePlus Ace Pro has 16GB of super large memory, and the background APP keeps 35 wonderful alive, and it can also protect users’ mobile phones after a few years of use.

In terms of battery life, the phone has a long life 4800Ah battery and a long life 150W version of super flash charging. These two configurations make the battery life of the OnePlus Ace Pro double the industry standard. After charging from 1600 – discharge cycles, the battery’s effective life can still reach 80%.

OnePlus Ace Pro

In terms of photography, OnePlus Ace Pro has a 50-megapixel rear camera module, which supports various professional shooting modes such as night view, wide angle, and macro, and it comes with optical image stabilization OIS, billion full contact-. color shooting and many other functions.

OnePlus Ace Pro

In addition to the internal configuration, the OnePlus Ace Pro is not too good in terms of appearance. The integrated body is made of a single piece of glass through several processes, which took 25 days to make, by take into account the beauty and the feeling.

OnePlus Ace Pro

[参考价格] From 3499 yuan

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