Want to be a “YouTuber”, make “Shorts” content to be popular! Read the tips here!

In an age where everyone has become a “YouTuber”, just have a girlfriend. And be creative in creating content, have a chance to be successful, become a famous “YouTuber” with hundreds of thousands of people following hundreds of thousands of people!

But make content to be popular! It can help make money from perspectives It may not be easy. But it wouldn’t be too difficult. If we know the secret??

On YouTube Thailand, after the launch of Shorts or short videos, it tends to grow steadily. Currently, short form content is very popular. Currently, Shorts have 50 billion views per day . And with 1.5 billion users logged in every month, creating videos on Shorts is another way to help creators grow their viewer base. Including making money

YouTube Thailand has organized a workshop for creators. content maker To share tips and methods for how to make Shorts content great after Shorts is another channel for creators to reach fans. easy to promote and submit new content let’s get mentioned

which are important tips that will help various content successful??

Initially, the video upload frequency for new Shorts creators is 1 clip per week, and clips must be uploaded continuously for as long as possible. Because the number of clips is not as important as consistency.

YouTube data reveals that artists who post content on Shorts weekly gain new subscribers primarily from Shorts content.

As for the 4 tips for making shorts, they are as follows:

1. Attracting the audience from the first 3 seconds is the key. use of prominent images unique sound Or compelling storytelling will help keep your content interesting.

2. The content of Good Shorts Concise and Easy to Understand should keep the general audience in mind. It has easy to understand content and concise editing to attract viewers.

3. Create content responsibly Try to create shorts that highlight your long videos that are still self-explanatory. And add more context to Shorts to open up new perspectives. to old clips, which will help motivate fans Come back and watch the video again. Because viewers may not like watching repetitive content.

4. Upload Quality Shorts With Consistent Frequency taking your interests into account your free time and creativity Uploading videos that only focus on size does not necessarily mean more success.

YouTube also emphasizes the two goals of its Shorts recommendation system, helping viewers find the videos they want to watch and discover new interests. And it can increase audience engagement and satisfaction in the long run, so it’s important to offer content that meets the needs of each audience to satisfy them.

As for making money from Shorts, it can be done too!?!

Currently, YouTube has adopted a fan funding model. and ad-based revenue to shorts, commit to adopting a revenue sharing model. In the past, this format has greatly increased revenue for creators. and allow creators to benefit from the success of this platform.

since the beginning of the year Current and future creators who are part of the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) will be eligible to earn a share of the revenue from ads served in their Shorts feed. on their opinion share. and help support the cost of applying for a music licence.

In addition, to support building a good relationship between creators and fans. stronger In addition to adding more ways to earn money for YouTube creators, Super Thanks is also available on Shorts for creators who join the YouTube Partner Program.

Knowing the secret, who wants to be a “YouTuber”, create a “short video” to earn money. Let’s try to do it together!!


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