Waqf board appointment will not be left to PSC for the time being; Will be discussed

Thiruvananthapuram: Waqf board appointments are left to PSC after detailed discussions. The status quo will continue until a decision is made. After discussions with the leaders of the Samastha Kerala Jamiyyathul Ulama, the Chief Minister said that the government has no say in this matter. The leaders demanded that the government cancel the move to leave the PSC.

After meeting Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan at the Secretariat, all the leaders told the media that they were hopeful of the Chief Minister’s stand. During the discussion, the leaders suggested that a special recruitment board could be set up for the appointment of officers and staff to the Waqf Board. The board should include scholarly representatives of the Kerala Jamiyyathul Ulama. According to Waqf Board regulations, only Muslims of faith were eligible for appointment. Samastha demanded that the order issued by the government be revoked and that only Muslims be allowed to be appointed.

The CM said that the Waqf Board had informed the government about the appointment. It was not the government’s suggestion. Therefore, there is no special case in this regard, the CM explained. The CM told the leaders that it was a factual propaganda that non-Muslims would also get jobs if they left PSC.

Samastha General Secretary Prof. K. Alikutty Muslyar, leaders K. Ummer Faizi Mukham, P.K. Hamsakutty Muslyar, Dr. N.A.M. Abdul Qadir, Abdussamad Pookottur, K. Moin Child Master. Onampilly Mohammad Faizi conducted the discussion.

P.Sc. According to KNM, the Chief Minister has informed that the decision to appoint the way will not be implemented for the time being. Markazuddawa General Secretary C.P. Ummer Sulami informed. Kerala Wing Committee Member Dr. IP Abdul Salam and State Secretaries M.T. Manaf, B.P.P.A. Gafoor also took part in the discussion.



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