WAR BREAKS OUT IN SNSD: Radmanović organized a rebellion, these are his demands…

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A silent war within the SNSD between currents led by the vice president Nebojsa Radmanović and the president Milorad Dodik is continuing.

No matter how powerful Dodik is and, viewed from the outside, he seems to hold all the strings within the SNSD, it should always be remembered that Radmanović is an experienced political fox, who has never, nor will he, give up on having a strong influence within the party and without him they cannot make any personnel combinatorics, it says Factor.

After “Osmorka” agreed with SNSD and HDZ BiH on the distribution of 36 positions in state agencies and institutions, and where Milorad Dodik and Dragan Čović easily agreed that the Directorate for Indirect Taxation of BiH, after it was managed by the HDZ for seven years Miro Džakula, this time belongs to the Serbs, an intra-party fight began.

So Radmanović through the mayor of East Sarajevo Ljubisa Cosic and ambassadors Miroslav Vujičić (his chief of staff while he was a member of the BiH Presidency), organized a “rebellion”, where the City Committee of the SNSD opposed the appointment of DNS Nenada Nešić to the position of Minister of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Then Dodik called Radmanović’s “bunji” in Banjaluk, and the ball was dropped through the conversation.

However, Radmanović’s appetites go much further than these “pressures from press conferences” and “blackmail” by raising his hand in the Parliament. It has already begun to be speculated that BiH Finance Minister Zoran Tegeltija could be appointed director of the BiH Indirect Taxation Administration, and that he could be replaced by none other than Radmanović’s player, the young Ljubiša Cosić.

The SNSD from East Sarajevo, translated by Nebojša Radmanović, with these speculations that appeared in the media, is trying to put additional pressure on Dodik and to appoint its own man to one of these two positions.

It doesn’t matter to Radmanović if he gets the IAOBiH or the Ministry of Finance, because his only goal is to further strengthen his influence.

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