war | China demands end of arms deliveries to Ukraine

Day 464 since the beginning of the war: The capital Kiev has again been attacked from the air. Vladimir Putin was invited to a summit meeting. All information in the news blog.

The most important things at a glance

Interview: “Putin wants to ruin the West”

Vladimir Putin: The Russian President remains committed to his war goals in Ukraine. (Source: IMAGO/Mikhail Klimentyev)

Wagner boss: 99 percent of troops withdrawn from Bachmut

8:31 p.m.: The Russian private army Wagner has almost completed its announced withdrawal from the captured eastern Ukrainian city of Bakhmut, according to its chief Yevgeny Prigozhin. Prigozhin announced on Friday evening that 99 percent of the units had left the city. “All positions have been handed over to the (Russian) Ministry of Defense in the appropriate order.” Everything has been clarified, said Prigozhin, who had announced the withdrawal for early June.

According to earlier information, only two Wagner men are to remain to support the regular Russian army in its control of the city in the Donetsk region. Prigozhin said there were no more “provocations” by the Ukrainian armed forces.

The day before, the Wagner boss had declared that his troops would be withdrawn from the battle line, but would remain stationed in the eastern Ukrainian region of Donetsk. It was initially not possible to independently check how far the change of position had actually progressed.

China: “Should stop sending weapons into the battlefield”

3:25 p.m.: China is calling for an end to arms deliveries to the combat zone in Ukraine. After returning from his talks to resolve the conflict, Chinese special envoy Li Hui said in Beijing on Friday that he felt neither Russia nor Ukraine had slammed the door on negotiations. “We should stop sending weapons into the battlefield, otherwise we will only increase the risk of tensions escalating,” he was quoted as saying by Chinese state television. There must be a ceasefire and peace negotiations.

However, Li Hui still did not condemn the Russian attack on Ukraine. The special envoy warned of the war’s impact on nuclear safety, food security and humanitarian issues. Li Hui had been visiting Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, France and EU officials in Brussels since mid-May to talk about the conflict. While his diplomatic mission is said to have little chance of success, his talks also served to deflect criticism of China’s support for Russia.

Since the invasion more than a year ago, China has been giving Russian President Vladimir Putin political backing and has portrayed the USA and NATO as primarily responsible for the conflict “Pour oil on the fire”.

Russia: Ukraine is said to have attacked hospital camps in Zaporizhia

11:41 am: According to the Russian occupation administration, Ukrainian forces have attacked a hospital camp in the Zaporizhia region. Information about victims and damage is still being clarified, said the head of administration appointed by Russia, Vladimir Rogov, on the short message service Telegram.

The region is located in south-eastern Ukraine. There is also the nuclear power plant of the same name, which is occupied by Russian troops. Zaporizhia is one of four regions in Ukraine that Russia has declared annexed, although the areas are only partially under Russian control.

China: Could mediate between Russia and Ukraine

11.40 a.m.: China may envisage sending another delegation to Europe to mediate between Russia and Ukraine. “We felt that there was a big gap between the positions of both sides,” said Li Hui, the Chinese government’s special envoy for Eurasian affairs. It was only in May that he was in Kiev and Moscow for talks about a political solution to the war that had been going on since February 2022. This first trip to Europe may not lead to an immediate result, Li says.


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